TT Taster at Hall Green

Table Tennis Taster Day- 22 October.


On Wednesday 22nd October 2014 we held a ‘Table Tennis Taster’ enrichment event. The event was hosted by Edward Lynn, a high profile and award winning sports coach who operates in many schools and FE institutions across the West Midlands on behalf of Table Tennis England.

 Mr Lynn currently coaches 2 of the top 10 disabled players in the UK, and has successfully coached a great number of Britain’s top ranking able-bodied players.    

Mr Lynn was invited to introduce the sport to our Supported Life Skills students, and to inform them about the Regional Disability Open Days run by Mr Lynn at Colebridge Table Tennis Club during the half term holidays.

The event was held in SCCB Hall Green Campus sports hall, where four tables where set up to enable the rotation of 16 students to play doubles over the course of one hour, whilst Mr Lynn circulated the room giving 1:1 instruction to the students.     

The event was hugely successful; all of the Supported Life Skills students engaged and played, and whilst a minority played for only a short time there were a great many were happy to play for the full hour. Those who wanted to play for a shorter time enjoyed spectating, thus making the event inclusive for all. Reasonable adjustments were made for learners where required; for example, Mr Lynn brought some larger balls for those students with visual impairments and/or dexterity issues, and students who required continuous 1:1 support from SCCB Support Staff were able to access this.  

Engaging in sporting activities such as this is hugely important for our learners. Providing access to equal opportunities to new and /or unfamiliar sport and leisure activities enables our learners to make healthy lifestyle choices that they may otherwise be unable to engage in. In addition, providing opportunities for our students to work as part of a team and enjoy a time of ‘unstructured’ social interaction with peers is hugely rewarding, and of great benefit to those learners who find interaction in a classroom environment a challenge. We endeavour to continue to find new and innovative ways to engage our learners, and provide access to educational and recreational activities for students with barriers to learning in a ‘traditional’ way.  


R. Ward 4th November 2014 

Learner Support Mentor   

South and City College Birmingham  Hall Green Campus  Cole Bank Road  Hall Green  Birmingham  B28 8ES 

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