Streetly B jiggered

A protracted journey of over an hour through the rush hour traffic of North Birmingham , allied to the late arrival , cursory, one minute warm up period , it was perhaps  unremarkable that Colebridge Eagles lagged behind 2-0 before Bernard Oliver completed the first leg of his exemplary hat trick at Streetly yesterday evening ( November 13th )  with a win over Colin Oakes.

He completed his treble with wins over John Waters and a 11-9 in the fifth end victory over Hamstead emigre Mike Sykes.

The Rotty treble , together with braces from the Mikes' - Credland and Evetts , warranted a 7-3 victory , which , given the circumstances of The Eagles late arrival and poor start , was a good result. 

When it was suggested that The Eagles repair to a liberal establishment where the licensing laws extend to midnight for a celebratory beer  , the proposal was quashed by The Rotty , " Not for me " said 76 year old Mr Oliver " I've got a coaching session in the morning. "

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