Beaufort breached

Birmingham & Solihull League Division 2  

Colebridge Hawks 8 v Beaufort Sports B 2  

With 5 of the players on view having combined ages of 281, with mainly defensive games honed by a considerable number of years of League play, it was perhaps inevitable that last Tuesday’s match would be a long one – and so it proved, lasting 42 games over 3 ½ hours.

The opening 5 game set between John Cox and Alan Thompson lasted 45 minutes and brought John his only success.  

Skipper Micky Welsh’s close to the table blocking set up plenty of attacking opportunities, most of which he took, winning all 3 of his sets 3-0.

Neil Wheatley’s attacking was less consistent and he had to work hard to win his 3 sets, defeating Thompson in 5 and Ron Fraser and Andrew Coupe in 4.  

Mick and John combined well to win the doubles and secure all 4 points.   

Beaufort’s youngster Coupe, deserves a mention, as he showed considerable promise in his attempts to come to terms with 3 different and unaccustomed styles of play, which led to him defeating John and enjoying close final games in his other two sets. 

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