Braves Begin

Hamstead C  2   Colebridge Braves 8 .  Match report by Martin George. 



There once was a team named the Braves

Whose first season in Prem would make waves

It was Match Number 3

Against Hamstead C

And here is our review to cause raves

With a closer-than-it-looked-but-still-depressing 8-2 loss to Hamstead A in week 1, and a postponement in week 2, the new Colebridge Braves team had not had the best start to the season (eat your heart out David Moyes.)

The trip on Tuesday 15th October to Hamstead to face their C team was therefore especially important.


The Braves' Martin George, Amit Ubhi and Mike Credland faced Chris Maiden, David Seymour and Mike Sykes. Owing to Hamstead's 2-table setup, it's virtually impossible to give an accurate chronology of the games, so suffice to say the Braves built up a lead early on: Martin George found a way past the unusual defensive game of David Seymour, and Amit Ubhi came through 11-5 in the fifth against the talented Chris Maiden. Mike Credland couldn't quite do the same against topspinner Mike Sykes, and lost 4-11 in the decider. George then made quick work of Maiden in a 3-0 win, and Ubhi overcame both Sykes and Seymour with consistent looping. Credland similarly beat Seymour in the Battle of the Funny Bats (a nail-biting 12-10 in the fifth), but then lost his third fifth-setter of the night to Maiden.


Credland could easily have won all three, but settled for a hard-earned one in the end. George dispatched Sykes to score a maximum alongside Ubhi, and George/Ubhi then combined to win the doubles. Final score: 8-2 to the Braves, and four much-needed points.

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