Gone but not Ferg-otten

 Ian Ferguson    Kate Hughes 



Warwickshire No. 1 Ian Ferguson has stunned Warwickshire officials by announcing his retirement from county play after nearly 25 years.

" I feel it is time for the youngsters to take over and lead Warwickshire into an exciting future " said Ferguson.

" I am proud that I leave the team after we finished our highest in the County Champiosnhip in 15 years " 

Warwickshire were fifth in Division One in 2011/12 with Fergie captaining the side and gaining several important wins.

The attacking star , based in Strichley , is now making a name for himself as a coach and has offered to carry on as a non playing captian in the next campaign.

" I have great rapport with Amman Ubhi and Matthew Outhwaite and feel they would profit with me as their mentor" Ferguson added.

"Obviously the committee will have to make that decision but the offer is there " 

Meanwhile , Worcestershire Number One , Kate Hughes, has decided to switch to Warwickshire for the forthcoming 2012/13 campaign.

It would be a major signing for the county , who need another womens singles player alongside Rachel Pilgrim.

England-ranked James Ward , who is studying at Warwick University , has indicated he may be available for Warwickshire.

Author: via Colebridge Table Tennis Club
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