Colebridge TTC - Hard Bat Tournament May 27th






Hard Bat Tournament


Sunday 27th May 2012


9.30 am start

(Finish time depends upon entries!)





Colebridge Table Tennis Club: Hard Bat Tournament 2012


Sunday 27th May 2012: Start Time 9.30am



Please read the following rules and regulations regarding the Hard Bat Tournament.


1.     An acceptable hard bat, should meet the following regulations:


a.       The blade shall be comprised solely of rigid wood (no carbon or other non-wood plies). The handle may incorporate decorative non-wood inserts or inlays. If two hitting surfaces are used, both surfaces must be identical, and the composition of the blade must be internally symmetrical with respect to each surface. That is, it shouldn't matter which surface is used to hit the ball... they both must be identical.


b.      An unused non-playing surface must have either an identical covering as the playing side, or sandpaper, or it may have no covering (bare wood), or it may be covered with a "paint sheet". Paint sheets are thin self- adhesive sheets typically used to cover the backside of a pen hold blade. An unused non-playing surface may not be covered with any rubber incorporating sponge, nor may it be covered with medium-pips or long-pips rubber. A player, who uses a non-playing surface to return a ball during a point, loses the point.


c.       All racket coverings must be non-reflecting, but otherwise can be any colour except white, orange, or yellow. The two sides may be the same or different colours.


2.    The hard bat tournament will be using 40mm Three Star Balls.


3.    The hard bat matches will be one game to 21 points, with the service switching every 5 points.


4.    Players shall not use stamping of feet as an instrument of distraction, diversion, or in any way as to disrupt the opponent. Foot-stamping is only allowed if it is the reasonable and natural consequence of moving one's body to reach the ball. Foot stamping is never allowed during service.


5.    The cost per person for entry is £5 for adults and £3 for juniors.


6.    Depending upon the number of entries, the tournament will be organised in initial group / round robin formats, with the winners proceeding to a knock out stage.


7.    The intention is for there to be no more than two matches being played per room at any one time, during the tournament.


8.  Hard bats will be provided for players who do not have their own!!



Any questions please contact:


Kate Hughes: 07725619322 or



Colebridge Table Tennis Club: Hard Bat Tournament 2012


Sunday 27th May 2012: 9.30 am (start time)






Name:       ______________________________


Address:   ________________________________________________


Preferred Phone Number: ___________________   Date of Birth: ______


Email address: _______________________________________________



Entry Fee:

Adult: £5         Junior: £3


Entry Fee enclosed: ______________

(Cheques to Colebridge Young People’s Club or cash)



Entry forms: by Tuesday 22nd May 2012


To: Kate Hughes



·        Post the form and payment (in an envelope) into the red post box at the club.

·        Person (if you see me at the club!)

·        Send the form via email (and the pay on the day)



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