Junior Tournament - Thursday 16th February







As it is half term next week, we thought that it would be a good idea if we held a Junior Tournament. with events for all ages, namely Under 12, Under !4, Under 16 and Under 19, with prizes for the winners and for the ‘Player of the Tournament’. The latter prize will be awarded to the player who has exceeded expectations by his/her performance in the events, irrespective of the number of matches he or she has won.


We have chosen THURSDAY 16th FEBRUARY as, on that day, the Midlands Co-operative Society has organised a photoshoot at the Club to provide publicity for their company and for Colebridge, following the award of a £2,000 grant to enable us to update our electricity system. So, enter the tournament and you could find your photo in the local press, perhaps even on TV.


If we get enough entries from our girl members, we will run a separate Girls event, but if not, each event will be mixed.


Entry is very simple. You may email your entry to me or hand it to your coach if you come next Friday or Saturday. All I need is a piece of paper or an email with your full name, date of birth and which event(s) you wish to enter.


You can enter the event nearest to your age on 1st September last year (2011) and the one above, e.g, If you are 11 or under, you can enter the Under 12s and Under 14s,  If you are 12 or 13, you can enter the Under 14s and under 16s. If you are 14 or 15, you can enter the U16s and U19s, We have chosen 1st September 2011 to ensure consistency with the system used by WCYP, in whose Championships in April, you will also be offered places.


The entry fee for each event is only £1-00. We would prefer payment in advance, but if you cannot get to the Club before the event, you may pay on arrival. Fees are not refundable. If you enter without paying, but fail to turn up, you will still have to pay the fee the next time you come to Colebridge.


The Club will open at 9.30 am and matches will start at 10.00 am. Finish time will depend on the size of the entry. If necessary, there will be some additional fun events so that you can have an enjoyable  holiday break that may extend to between 3.00 and 4.00 pm. If you do not wish to bring a pack lunch, there will be a break to allow you to visit the precinct fish & chip shop.


Please note that entries MUST be in my hands not later than next Monday 13th February.




We had intended to reinstate the Sunday afternoon Advanced Training, but Ian Ferguson is unable to fit the time into his busy schedule. Instead Edward Lynn is to organise sessions on Saturday afternoons. The session will be designed to take our most promising juniors onto a higher stage of development, so attendance will be limited to 8 invited players only. Those selected by our coaching staff will be notified of dates and times in due course.


Players not selected will not be ignored. Their progress at the other training sessions will be monitored and those who show sufficient skill and determination will receive invitations to attend Advanced sessions at a later date.


I should also mention that Edward is planning a Training Camp for future holiday periods, so keep working hard and you may receive an invitation to attend that too.


 Neil Wheatley.8th Feb 2012.

 Email address:  neilpw@talktalk.net. Tel 0121-4745121.

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