Eagles espy victory

Colebridge Eagles 7 Colebridge Falcons 3 . Match report by Mike Evetts. 



Colebridge Eagles continued their winning streak with a convincing team performance against club mates Colebridge Falcons on Tuesday night. Performance of the night belonged to Mahroof Hussein, who ensured his teams night was not pointless, with an unbeaten individual display.


Eagles raced to an emphatic 5-1 lead, including a rare straight set doubles win for Mike Evetts and Bernard Oliver.


Falcons only success in the first half of the match being Mahroofs’ four set victory over John Swinburne , but perhaps the Eagles appetites were dulled by Mrs Olivers excellent half time mince pies , piquant Bakewell tarts and toothsome almond slices , as the Falcons were not to be denied a point.


Match of the night was the vastly experienced Bernard “Rottweiler”  Oliver against the unconventional flat hitting and heavy chopping of Mahroof. Mahroof faced three match points against him in the fourth set , which he overcame with the stoic stonewalling defence for which he is rightly renowned. In the fifth and final set , our very own Rottweiler flew to a 6-1 lead , but Mahroof clawed his way back into contention with some remarkable hitting of low trajectory balls from seemingly impossible angles which left the Rottweiler scowling and , ultimately , defeated.


Mention should also be made of Frank Cotter and John Overton , both of whom drew a blank , but whose part in a match which saw 41 sets played should not be under estimated.


The match concluded at 10.40 , a time at which most hostelries would be considering closing their doors , but The Eagles celebrations continued long into the night at a local inn who are fully capitalizing on a more relaxed licensing regime. 

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