Dinosaurs discovered in Darlaston

Colebridge Dinosaurs came away with a valuable three points after their lengthy trek to The Black Country domicile of Steve Smiths' Smithereens. 

Colebridges' hopes of a maximum point return were thwarted by unorthodox penholder Dave Whittingslow , wily enough to out defend Jim Connor , and withstand the onslaught from Dan Ranford and Brian Morris , who were left wondering how he managed to return so many seemingly outright winners. 

Alas , the Morris and Ranford doubles act is also going back to the drawing board after a three set victory for the hosts. 

The match score was 4-6 , in Dinosaurs favour , an enjoyable evening , well hosted by Association Chairman Steve Smith.

Dinosaurs were left wondering though , jusy why there are so many dents in the wall of the playing arena ? 

Author: via Colebridge Table Tennis Club
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