Braves battle to win


The Braves Battle on..... A REPORT BY LEE HOLTHAM , OCTOBER 18th 2012.

Colebridge were hosts to Streetly a on a mild October night.
Braves were eager for the win but it was not going to be an easy task .
First up was Lee Holtham against Terry Cooper, the awkward pimple player with a strong forehand, Lee had no problem with this and produced a solid 3-0 win.
Next was Ben against the Wolverhampton junior Parmindar ( surname ?- Ed.) , Bens serves were working to take an early lead after the first set but Parmindar soon got the gist of it and took control of the game, Ben was unfortunate to not take the game closer , it ended up 3-0 to the youngster from Wolverhampton.

Next was legendary Pete Roddy against  Bemi Okunribido, a very exciting match with topspin loops to chops off the table, at the end it came to Peters pimples and combination of backspin and float shots which bamboozled his opponent and took the game to 3-1 win for the the veteran. 
Bens third ball slap was back on the table against Terry a very hard fought game, Ben found himself 2-0 down in a instant thanks to some  errors but he soon redeemed himself and made his teammates proud by changing his tactics and the next three games he won convincingly to win 3-2.
The doubles next and the pairing of Lee and Ben still have not gelled as they would have wished in this division although they took a game off the pairing of Bemi,and Parminder,they lost 3-1 quite convincingly.
Lee was back on the table , with the unexpected appearance of spectators Edward Lynn, youngster Sam Henderson, and Neil Wheatley coming through the doors he thought he should try to go for glory shots against the experienced Bemi ,which wasn’t the case.He soon found himself 2-0 down, but after he got his head in the right
manner and controlled his shots he won the next three games fairly comfortably , and with an amazing shot at 4-1 in the 5th with a run around the table,  fell on the floor and had a little spin while he was down there, that shot won him a vital point which the crowd will never forget ,or Lee wont anyway.
Pete vs Parminder
Another great game to watch the youngster took the first game with serve and slap techniques which Pete could not return, he changed his tactics using his pips more which Parminder just couldn’t return either through pushes or looping... the veteran did it again! Although he said it was hard work.

We had two points ,could Ben seal the Braves victory with the win against Bemi? It was not to be, his serves were read and Bemi used this to his advantage and caught the great power hitter off guard and won 3-0.
Pete back on now against Terry, Pete was concerned in case he lost, THAT WAS AN UNDERSTATEMENT, the Roddy man was on fire with chops and topspin smashes from every direction to win the game 3-0 , although Terry did fight back in the 2nd game 11-9.
The Braves got their win!

Last game of the night was Lee and Parminder ,they knew each other from table tennis recently so they knew each other’s games, first game went to the wire Lee just scraped it at 11-8. Parminder replied with a 11-6 win with some great looping which Lee could not block. Lee stepped up and
changed gear and started to attack his opponent with more pace and used his angles at which point Parminder dropped off the table ,and Lee used this to his advantage and took the next two games 11-6 11-8.

SEVEN - THREE the final score.
3 points to the Braves which they were ecstatic about ,as their Prem journey continues in the right direction.


Author: via Colebridge Table Tennis Club
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