SeasonKO CupDiv1Div2Div3Div4Div 5Div 6Ladies
1948/49Brotherhood Majestic B
1949/50MajesticSt Pauls
1950/51Walton YMBrotherhood BLiberal ClubHolland
1951/52Brotherhood APoliceWalton YM BBrotherhood
1952/53Brotherhood ABrotherhood BWalton YM C
1953/54Frinton CYC AFrinton CYCCYC
1954/55Walton YMThorpeRafa B
1955/56Brotherhood AWalton YM BNalgo B
1957/58Rafa ABrotherhood BFrinton CYC A
1958/59RafaWalton YMGPO AGPO B
1959/60NalgoBrotherhood ARafa BGPO C
1960/61RafaNalgoHolland ARafa C
1961/62CYC NomadsCYC NomadsCYC OptimistsWalton YM C
1962/63CYC NomadsCYC NomadsNicoCYC Unpredictables
1963/64AldersgateCYC NomadsCYC RomansHolland B
1964/65CYC OptimistsCYC NomadsCYC UnpredictablesCYC Optimists
1965/66CYC NomadsCYC NomadsBurrsville BAldersgate A
1966/67Police ACYC NomadsNico BSt Osyths College
1967/68RomansCYC UnpredictablesRafa ANHS ANico E
1968/69GPO ACYC UnpredictablesGPO ANico CCollege DBrightlingsea A
1969/70CYC UnpredictablesCYC UnpredictablesNico BGPO BBarclays BankSt Osyth MenNico G
1970/71GPO DBrotherhood AGPO ATech College StaffSt Osyth Men AElectricity
1971/72CYC RomansCYC UnpredictablesNico DElectricitySt Osyth Men B
1972/73CYC UnpredictablesCYC UnpredictablesCYC GreciansCYC OptimistsJaywick B
1973/74Brotherhood ANico ACYC OptimistsCYC SpartansJaywick C
1974/75CYC RomansNico AGPO AEastern NationalElectricity B
1975/76Brotherhood ANico ABrotherhood BWalton BThorpe A
1976/77Nico ANico AGas AWivenhoeGas BBright, YMCA
1977/78Nico ANico AWivenhoeWalton CCYC VikingsCYC Optimists
1978/79WivenhoeJaywick AWalton CRafa BThorpe BWalton D
1979/80Windsor AWindsor ANico BSt Osyth BSt Osyth CTaxes
1980/81Windsor AWalton AGPO AThorpe BWalton EWindsor E
1981/82Great Holland AWalton ASt Osyth ANFA ACCHS BTelecoms
1982/83Walton BWindsor ASt Osyth BGreat Holland DCCHS BNFA B
1983/84Great Holland AWalton ACYC OptimistsCCHS AGreat Holland ECCHS E
1984/85Great Holland AGreat Holland ACCHS ACCHS BCCHS CRed Triangle
1985/86Great Holland AGreat Holland ABrotherhood ASt Osyth CGreat Holland DThorpe C
1986/87Thorpe CGreat Holland ATelecomCCHS BThorpe CPost Office B
1987/88Brotherhood FBrotherhood AWindsor CThorpe CGreat Holland EThorpe B
1988/89Thorpe AGreat Holland ASt Osyth CGreat Holland DPost Office B
1989/90Windsor AGreat Holland ASt Osyth CJaywick CJaywick Halifax A
SeasonKO CupDiv1Div 2Div 3Div 4Div 6Div 5Ladies
1990/91Windsor EaglesGreat Holland AThorpe BBrotherhood BWindsor Falcons
1991/92Silver Dawn AWalton AThorpe ASilver Dawn AGreen Lodge C
1992/93Walton BWalton ASilver Dawn ABrotherhood FMistley B
1993/94St Andrews BSt Andrews ABrotherhood JSilver Dawn BPost Office C
1994/95Brotherhood JWalton AWindsor HawksWindsor Kestrels
1995/96Windsor CondorsSilver DawnBrotherhood CGreat Holland C
1996/97Walton CWalton BWindsor HawksBrotherhood I
1997/98Brotherhood FWalton CWindsor FalconsGreat Holland B
1998/99Brotherhood JBrotherhood AWindsor HawksBrotherhood FNomads E
1999/00Walton ABrotherhood AWindsor FalconsThorpeRed Triangle
2000/01ThorpeBrotherhood ANomads LionsRed TriangleWindsor Canaries
2001/02Windsor HawksBrotherhood ARed Triangle ABrotherhood ENomads Tigers
2002/03Windsor EaglesBrotherhood ABrotherhood FNomads Jaguars
2003/04Walton DBrotherhood AWindsor KestrelsMistley
2004/05MistleyBrotherhood AWindsor FalconsWindsor Ladybirds
2005/06St JohnsBrotherhood AWindsor KestrelsMistley
2006/07Brotherhood ABrotherhood AWindsor CondorsWindsor Magpies
2007/08Windsor RoostersBrotherhood BBrotherhood CWindsor Roosters
2008/09Nomads JaguarsBrotherhood BWindsor RoostersBrotherhood G
2009/10Windsor RoostersBrotherhood ALawfordNomads Tigers
2010/11Windsor CondorsBrotherhood AWindsor KestrelsWindsor Magpies
2011/12Windsor RoostersWindsor CondorsWalton DNomads Tigers
2012/13Nomads CougarsNomads PanthersNomads CougarsBrotherhood J
2013/14Windsor HawksNomads PanthersWindsor KestrelsBrotherhood E
2014/15Brotherhood BNomads PanthersBrotherhood CWindsor Buzzards
2015/16Windsor EaglesNomads PanthersWindsor OwlsWalton D
2016/17Windsor CondorsNomads PanthersBrotherhood HWalton D
Records for the Cup in seasons 1967/68 to 1973/74 are not certain.
The League would be pleased to hear from anyone who can provide additional information.
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