Brotherhood H v Brotherhood B
Nomads Tigers v Nomads Panthers


Matches to be played and result sheet to be received by FRIDAY 20th APRIL


Important : the Nomads' venue is unavailable during w/c 26th March (the week scheduled for semi-final matches) whilst the Brotherhood Club's tables may be also fully booked that week. Therefore, the teams should arrange a mutually-convenient date for their semi-final match, if necessary at a venue other than their home venue. 


The Cup Final takes place at the Brotherhood Hall on Tuesday 1st May at 7.30 pm.


ROUND 4 : Results


Windsor Kestrels 1 Nomads Tigers 5

Brotherhood H 5 Nomads Pumas 1

Windsor Magpies 1 Brotherhood B 5

Nomads Panthers 5 Nomads Lions 0


ROUND 3 : Results


Brotherhood B 5 Nomads Ocelots 0

Brotherhood I 2 Nomads Pumas 5

Windsor Kestrels 5 Windsor Swallows 4

Brotherhood H 5 Brotherhood G 1

Walton C 0 Nomads Tigers 5

Brotherhood E 2 Windsor Magpies 5

Nomads Lions 5 Brotherhood D 2
Nomads Panthers walk-over (v Lawford)


ROUND 2 : Results


Brotherhood I 5 Walton B 3    

Windsor Swallows 5 Walton D 0      
Windsor Kestrels 5 Windsor Buzzards 1     
Nomads Ocelots 5 Windsor Harriers 2       
Brotherhood B 5 Walton A 2                             
Brotherhood E 5 Brotherhood J 3
Nomads Tigers 5 Brotherhood F 4            
Nomads Lynx 3 Brotherhood G 5
Windsor Penguins 4 Brotherhood H 5
Lawford 5 Nomads Caracals 2                          
Windsor Magpies 5 Windsor Condors 1
Nomads Panthers 5 Nomads Jaguars 3     
Walton C 5 Windsor Hawks 1
Nomads Lions walk-over (v Windsor Eagles)
Brotherhood D walk-over (v Brotherhood C)
Nomads Pumas walk-over (v Walton E)


ROUND 1 : Results


Windsor Kites 2 Brotherhood E 5                     

Walton D walk-over (v Nomads Leopards)






(1) The handicap system is the same as used in previous seasons. The grade chart and full instructions are in the League Handbook (pages 19 and 20). Grades are based on previous seasons’ averages, matches played so far and local knowledge of players’ abilities.


(2) The first-named team is entitled to play at home. A result sheet is attached.  


(3) Individual matches should be played in the correct order, as set out on the result sheet. Responsibility for returning the result sheet lies with the winning team. Failure to return the result sheet by the due date may lead to elimination from the competition.


(4) See League Rule 13(iv) about the use of reserve players. Teams incorrectly using reserves will have those matches played by the reserve voided.




For players not allocated a grade (marked #) or for reserves, Team Secretaries should contact Tony Oswick on the weekend before the match - not on the day of the match - to obtain a grade.


BROTHERHOOD B              Warner 1*; G Edwards 2; Cleasby 2; M Edwards 3; Owen 5.

NOMADS PANTHERS         Hume 1*; Denyer 1*; Locke 1; Webber 2; Hatley 2; Andrews #; Bowles #; Monk #; Poysden #.

NOMADS TIGERS                Szemro 5; Marshall 6; Wolski 6; Hockley 7; Lott 7; Lemke 8. 

BROTHERHOOD H             M Salter 4; Ratcliffe 4; Burbidge 6; Fitzpatrick 7; T Salter 8.


The highest-ranked player plays “A”/“X”; the second-ranked player “B”/“Y”; the lowest-ranked player  “C”/“Z”. Where players have the same grade, the first-named player is considered the higher-ranked.


Cup Committee : Isabel Barton, Mark Gale, Doug Green, Tony Oswick, Ferdy Rodriguez, Kayley Rodriguez, Peter White.



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