Round 1  - w/c 10th December


Round 2 - w/c 4th February


Semi-finals - w/c 11th March


Final - date to be arranged



ROUND 1 : results


Nomads Pumas 5 Nomads Lynx 2

Windsor Merlins 1 Brotherhood E 5              

Windsor Falcons 4 Windsor Robins 5


The following teams have received a bye to Round 2 :-


Brotherhood E

Windsor Penguins

Nomads Leopards

Walton D

Nomads Ocelots


Teams will be notified of the Round 2 draw by 21st January at the latest.





(1) The handicap system is the same as used for the Knock-Out Cup. Matches will be played on a handicap basis using the Cup format of best of nine games (three doubles and six singles).


(2) The grade chart and full instructions are in the League Handbook (pages 21 and 22). Grades are based on previous seasons’ averages, the small number of matches played so far and local knowledge of players’ abilities.


(3) The first-named team is entitled to play at home. A result sheet is attached.  


(4) Individual matches should be played in the correct order, as set out on the result sheet. Responsibility for returning the result sheet lies with the winning team. Failure to return the result sheet by the due date may lead to elimination from the competition.


(5) Guest players can play but their results will not count to the final score.





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