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                                                               SATURDAY/SUNDAY APRIL 13th & 14th



This is your opportunity to take part in the League’s premier event.  There are events for players of all ages and standards, played on 8 tables. These Championships remain popular with many players but we always encourage more to take part and new players in the League will receive a warm welcome. Please enter at least one event and encourage others in your team to do so. 


 ELIGIBILITY: In order to qualify, you will need to have played at least 6 League matches by Friday 22nd March 2019


CLOSING DATE FOR ENTRY:  Saturday 23rd March 2019


PROGRAMME: All entrants will receive a programme by Monday 8th April advising more precise times of play. Please contact one of the Tournament Sub-Committee if you have not heard by then.


CONDITIONS OF ENTRY: All players will be expected to arrive at their table promptly when called to play. Pre-match knock-ups should be limited to 2 minutes. Players will be expected to umpire when requested. White shirts, shorts etc will not be permitted. Finalists should wear shorts (skirts for the ladies if they wish) or tracksuits.


REFRESHMENTSSnacks, and hot and cold drinks will be available throughout both days.



Singles: Men’s, Ladies, Veterans and Juniors - groups of 3/4.

Divisional events: The Tournament Sub-Committee may decline entries from players who clearly should be playing in a higher division. 

All events: The Tournament Sub-Committee reserves the right to cancel any event which it considers has insufficient entries.


FINALS: Saturday events finals will take place on Saturday afternoon. Sunday events finals will take place on Sunday afternoon. The finals are timed for approximately 3.00 pm onwards. Trophies will be presented on the day the event takes place.

SPONSORSHIP: We are most grateful again to have the support of our main sponsor, Paul Newbould. This is the 26th year that Paul has provided us with the financial support to enable us to play our tournament at an excellent venue, and to organise the programme of events we wish to provide. However, we still welcome sponsors for individual events, at a cost of between £20 and £40, depending upon the event. Please contact Peter White on 01255 425292 if you wish to sponsor an individual event.


ANY QUERIES: Contact: Graham Parkes (01255 434276, Tony Oswick (01255 429869), Tony Hooper (07840 211729) or Peter (01255 425292).


TOURNAMENT SUB-COMMITTEE: , Graham Parkes, (Assistant Referee) Tony Hooper, (Referee), Jenny Higgins, John Barton, Tony Oswick, Lyn White and Peter White


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