IMPORTANT- TT 365 Ranking system

Our leagues website is powered by TT365 as you will know if you are reading this.

TT365 introduced a player ranking system nearly two years ago. The system that it uses is the exact same system that Table Tennis England (TTE) and Table Tennis Scotland use to produce their National Ranking Lists.

It is provided free to us and has been running automatically in the background but until now we have not made it visible on our public website.

At a recent committee meeting it was decided that the League would make the ranking system visible to all at the start of the Winter 2017/18 season.

To give players a basic understanding of how the rankings are generated here are some of the main features.

The system when it was first introduced looked at the results players were producing and measured their performance against the few players we had in the league that had a TTE national ranking. This gave a base for building the ranking list and as more results were entered the ranking list became a better reflection of the ability of the players. After two seasons of results I believe it is a relatively accurate list.

It is a point based system awarding or deducting points on the basis that players gain points from beating players ranked higher than them, but conversely are deducted points for losing to lower ranked players. Players are then ranked according to the number of points they have.

Every player that is registered on TT365 to play in our league is included in our ranking list.

Some players play in more than one league, and if that league also uses TT365, they will appear in that leagues ranking list as well. 

Players will be able to look at their own, and others ranking statistics. These show all matches that a player has played, not just in our league, but as the system is designed to look at the overall ability of the player, it includes all results that are entered in any TT365 system and any National System results as well.

When it becomes visible, you will be able to see by viewing some of our top-level players statistics, that they include results from many different events and leagues.

Some important points to bear in mind:

  • The rankings are generated by a complicated computer program which assesses each result from every match a player has played. There is no input from the league committee. It is not one person’s opinion.

  • You may appear ranked lower than somebody you regularly beat, that is because the system looks at all your results. It measures your overall performance not just against a single player who for whatever reason you have the better of.


For those of you who want a more detailed insight into how the rankings are generated here is a link to the TTE website that shows exactly how it is done.

Also in the meantime if you view Colchester Table Tennis League TT365 website you can see how the ranking will appear when we go live as they have already made their rankings public.

Any questions please direct them to myself or the committee.


Gavin Price

July 2017.

Author: via Clacton & District Table Tennis League
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