Constitution and Rules of the League (last amended June 2017)


1.      The League shall be called Cirencester and District Table Tennis League and shall consist of a President, Vice Presidents, and duly elected Officers and Clubs; and shall be affiliated to the Gloucestershire  TTA and to Table Tennis England (ETTA)


2.      The object of the League shall be to foster and promote Table Tennis within a radius of 12 miles of Cirencester Market Place, providing opportunities for recreation and competition.


3.      Applications shall be accompanied by a registration fee for each team.


4.      Registration Fees and Match fees will be set by the committee and advised to the AGM

Officers and Committee

5.      The Committee shall be elected annually and shall consist of a Chairman, General Secretary, Hon Treasurer, Match Secretary and at least 2 others. The Committee has the power to co-opt. The league committee shall have the power to form a sub-committee as they think fit.

 6.      Three members shall form a quorum to transact the business of the committee. Three officers are empowered to take decisions between committee meetings, which are to be in the minutes at the next committee meeting.

 7.      The Committee shall meet as and when required. The Chairman will call the meetings.

 8.      The committee shall decide any disputes on points not provided for in the rules of the league.

 9.      The committee shall set the team registration fee and the player match fee for the forthcoming seasons. See rule 4.


10.   The Financial Year of the League shall end on the 30th April in each year and an audited statement of the accounts shall be presented by the treasurer at the AGM.

 11.   In the event of the dissolution of the League all funds and assets shall be deposited with a suitable bank or trust for a period not exceeding 4 years. Should the League not be re-formed within that period the funds and assets shall be disposed of to the Gloucestershire Table Tennis Association, with the exception of the trophies which will remain with the bank or trust.

 Annual General Meeting

12.   The annual general meeting shall normally take place on the first Monday in June each year and notice of the meeting shall be given to all club secretaries at least 14 days before the meeting. Any proposed additions or alterations to Rules must be submitted in writing to the League secretary by 1st April. Such proposals will be circulated with the notice of the AGM. All proposals are to be decided by a simple majority vote. There is no limit to the number of members from each club attending the AGM.

Special General Meeting

13. An Extraordinary General Meeting of the League shall be convened on the resolution of the Committee within 21 days of receipt by the Secretary of a resolution signed by not less than 50% of the League clubs.

 14.   All clubs must be represented at the Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting.

System and Order of Play

15.   All matches must commence not later than 7:30 pm unless arranged otherwise. The secretary of the defaulting club shall put his case in writing to enable it to be discussed at the next Committee Meeting.

16.   Any player failing to arrive by 8:00 pm without the prior agreement of the opposing team shall forfeit his games.

 17.   Matches shall be played during the week stated in the handbook. Teams may postpone a maximum of 2 matches during the season except at the discretion of the Committee.

Postponed matches

a)     Are to be notified to the Match Secretary immediately.

b)     Must be re-arranged within 3 weeks of postponement.

c)     Must be played by the 'final date of the season.'

18. Teams shall consist of up to 5 players.  

18b. 2-a-side league match will consist of 5 sets, four singles and a doubles game each of the best of 5 games, 11 points up. Order of Play:  1 v 1, 2 v 2, 1 v 2, 2 v 1 then the doubles game.

 19.   Points will be awarded on a “sets won” basis: 5 - 0, 4 - 1 etc

 20.   The home team captain is responsible for sending in the scorecard. The card shall bear the names of all players and must be signed by both captains. Cards must reach the Match Secretary by Tuesday of the following week.

 21.   The ball to be used shall be as licensed by the TTE.

 22.   Shirts, shorts and skirts may be of any colour except that the main colour of a shirt, shorts or skirt, other than sleeves or collar or trimming, shall be clearly different from that of the ball in use. At clubs where it is requested, tennis shoes must be worn by all players.

 23.   In the event of a tie at the close of the season, the team with the best wins or draw records will be awarded the highest league position. If this is not conclusive a play-off will be ordered by the committee with the teams playing a standard match to decide the champion team.

 Transfers and New Players

24.   Any club entering a team must register the names of the players on payment of the team registration fee.

 25.   Players may transfer to a different team or club in exceptional cases, at the discretion of the committee.

 26.   Players may play up to a maximum of 2 games for higher club teams. On the 3rd occasion the player remains a player of the highest team.

 27.   No player who has not played prior to 1st January can play after this date unless agreed by the committee.


28.   All communications and business shall be addressed to the respective League Officers and should be from a League Officer.

 29.   The League Officers shall be solely responsible for publicity, newspaper reports etc pertaining to the League’s activities.

 30.   The entry of all clubs is subject to the ratification of the League Committee and Clubs must appoint a responsible Club secretary.

 31.   The League Rules set out here shall only be altered or added to at the Annual General Meeting.

 32.   Trophies shall be awarded on an annual basis.

 33.   The committee shall have power to expel, suspend or fine any club, team, player, or member for any infringement of the rules of the league, or for any other reason considered good and proper by the committee. In the event of a dispute between 2 clubs any officer or committee member who is also a member of either of the clubs in dispute shall be unable to vote on the matter in question.

 34.   Registered players will be able to enter the Cirencester League Closed knockout annual tournament if they have played singles in a minimum of 5 winter league matches before the tournament closing date. Other players maybe accepted at the committee’s discretion if they consider it would not unbalance the competition.

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