Winter League 2018-19 > Team Captains
Team Contact Home Night
Division 1
07918 135213 (m)
Nomads A Sunday
Nomads B Sunday
Nomads C Sunday
Nomads D Sunday
Nomads E Sunday
Nomads F
07855381501 (m)
On The Edge Sunday
Randwick Exiles A Sunday
Sheepscombe A Sunday
Fretless Sunday
Division 2 First Half
Challengers Sunday
Chedworth A Sunday
Green Shots Sunday
Hopefulls Sunday
Paddlers Sunday
Randwick Exiles B Sunday
Three Valleys Sunday
Sheepscombe B Sunday
Band Of Brothers Sunday
Chedworth B Sunday
Stratford Parkers Sunday
Gallantic Sunday
Grip Tyres Sunday
Marling Sunday
Mixed-up Sunday
NVG Sunday
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