Odex Semis
Groves A / Saughall Deva      v     Groves C
County Officers B                    v    Saughall Port

Rob Moreton Semis
Groves E                          v    Tarporley Electric A
County Officers D          v     County Officers G

Matches to be played w/c March 12 th where possible.


Odex Quarter Finals
Saughall Pt/ County Offs.    v    Groves B
Newton B                               v    County Officers B
Groves A/ C Officers A         v     Beechwood/ Saughall Deva
Barrow                                   v     Groves C

Robert Moreton Shield Q Finals
Groves D                    v    County Officers D
Barrow D                    v    Tarporley Elec A/ C Officers F
Barrow B                    v    Groves. E
Barrow C                    v    County Officers G

Outstanding round 1 matches to be played w/c January 29th as well as any confirmed quarter finals if notified to opponents by home captain.  Any problems please contact Fixture Secretary.




w/c 8/1/18                 CCO’B’                              V            Newton

                                    Barrow                              V            Groves

                                    Groves ‘B’                         V            Pulford

                                    Newton ‘B’                       V            Newton ‘A’

                                    Groves ‘A’                         V            CCO ‘A’

                                    Saughall Port                   V            CCO

                                    Beechwood                      V            Saughall Deva

                                    Groves ‘C’                          V            Bye


Rob Moreton                                   

 w/c 8/1/18                  Groves ‘E’                      V            Newton ‘C’

                                    Tarporley Elec ‘A’           V            CCO ‘F’

                                    Kelsall                              V            Groves ‘D’

                                    CCO ‘G’                             V            Tarporley Elec

                                    Saughall Inst                   V            Barrow ‘C’

                                    CCO ‘E’                              V            Barrow ‘B’

                                    CCO ‘C’                              V            Barrow ‘D’

                                    CCO ‘D’                              V            Bye

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