Cup Draws Jan 2017

ODEX CUP Round 1   w/c 09 Jan 2017

Tue        Pulford                 v             Newton B

Tue        Groves C              v             Newton A

Tue        Groves B              v             Newton C

Wed       Barrow                 v             Groves A

Thu        County Officers   v             Pulford A

Wed       Saughall Deva     v             County Off A

Thu        Beechwood         v             Newton

Thu        County Off B       v             Groves


Round 1    w/c 09 Jan 2017

Mon       Electric Sports    v             Barrow D

Round 2    w/b 30 Jan 2017 (note: clubs may arrange to play these games on w/c 09 Jan if convenient)

Wed       Barrow B             v             Saughall Institute

Thu        County Off E       v             Electric Sports/Barrow D

Mon       County Off G      v             Barrovians

Tue        Tarporley             v             Barrow C

Thu        County Off D       v             County Off F

Thu        County Off C       v             Groves D

Thu        Barrow E              v             Groves E

Mon       Electric A              v             Saughall Port

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