The Handicap Cup


  1. This competition is open to all teams in the League.
  2. Each player will be allocated an individual handicap by the organising committee and will play with this handicap in all matches unless altered by the League Committee.
  3. This competition will be run on a round robin basis with four groups containing three or four teams in each. Two points for a win and one point for a draw. The winners and runners up in each group progressing to a quarter-final draw, which will be played on a knockout basis.
  4. The order of play will be as per the League’s printed sheet or card.
  5. A match will comprise of nine singles and one doubles.
  6. Before commencement of the match each captain shall write down their team showing each player A B or C or X Y or Z as the case may be and hand them to the opposing captain. The order will then be entered on the score sheet and may not be altered.
  7. Each game will consist of two sets up to 21 points with no deuce. The points won from each game are added to the team’s handicap and the winner is the team with the most points at the end of the match.
  8. All handicaps allocated at the start of the competition will be published on the League’s website.
  9. Playing up will be allowed twice so that the matches can be played on time.
  10. If the Match result is a draw, the winner will be the team who have won the most sets. If the score is still equal, the winner will be the team who have won the most games. If the score is still equal, a third deciding game will be played in the doubles, to determine the winning team.
  11. If there is a tie on points in the round robin, the result between the two or more teams will determine the relative positions.
  12. If results between two or more teams do not determine the relative positions, the ratios of team points for/against counting only those in the tie, should be used to resolve the order. 
  13. If it is not possible to resolve the positions by means of the procedure specified in Rule 12 above, the relative positions shall be decided by drawing lots.
  14. The maximum difference between the two teams points totals at the start of a Handicap Cup match is 280 points. 

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