New format for Cheshunt League matches 2018-19 season

In order to make things more interesting, Cheshunt & District  TT League will be using a new format for the coming season.  The main differences are that there will no longer be any Divisional Cups but instead there will be an extended and more varied programme of league matches.

You will see from the new fixture schedule that there will be two rounds of matches before the Christmas break.  It will be essential that these matches must all be played before Christmas and there will be no possibility of them being postponed until the new year, for reasons you will see.  The first round of the Handicap Cup will also take place just before the break.

At the end of the first half, points earned will be carried forward to the second half but the second half fixtures will be played in a different format comprising six singles and three doubles.  This will give each player four sets to play instead of three and will avoid playing exactly the same singles format four times in the season.  To win a division, teams and players will need to be proficient in doubles as well as singles.

Due to the change of format mid-season, the TT365 system will not be able to handle postponements from the first half into the second, hence the 'no carry-overs' ruling mentioned above.  We hope that players will enjoy this varied format and look forward to receiving your feedback.

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