CTTA Special General Meeting 15th September Rule Change

Notice is given of a Special General Meeting combined with Club Secretaries meeting (to include collection of handbooks and payment of CTTA fees etc) to be held on Tuesday 15th September at the CTTC YMCA venue at 7.15pm.

Afterwards table tennis practice is available as CTTC have kindly offered a practice session at the club for a fee of £5 if not a CTTC member.

Why is a SGM required?At the last CTTA committee meeting the league entries were reviewed and a league composition of 10,10,7 for the 3 divisions agreed. This accords with the wishes of teams and clubs and would give all teams across the divisions the same number of matches (18). However, the division 3 7 team format presents an issue as below the 8 team limit as per rule 9.1.

CTTA Rule Change 15-08-2015

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