Cheltenham Junior Closed March 2017

REPORT ON CHELTENHAM JUNIOR CLOSED CHAMPIONSHIPS 2017                                                                                                                                                  
Organisers                                                                                                                                                                   Referee: Peter Cruwys.     Secretary: David Green.
Umpires: Alan Thomas, Dave Metcalfe, Keith Ferguson, Sean Witheford, Ross Greening, Chris Lane.
Venue: Cheltenham TT Club in YMCA Sports Hall, Arle Road, Cheltenham.
Equipment supplied by Cheltenham TT CLUB.
 Tuesday 14th March 2017    Boys U13 and U18 Singles 
No girls events. 1  9 year old girl entered and played in the boys U13
  Friday 17th March 2017   Boys U11 and U15 Singles 
Entries. (last year in brackets)
BOYS U11   5  (2)     BOYS U13  12 (7)   BOYS U15  8 ( 6 )  BOYS U18  12( 6 )                                                            
26 entries from Cheltenham Club . 2 from WInchcombe Club.
Boys U11  Charlie Davidson won all 4 matches easily. Jake Davidson won 3, James Agombar 2, George Clayton 1, and Calvin Narula 0.
WINNER- Charlie Davidson    RUNNER UP-  Jake Davidson
Boys U13.
 Group  I  Piotr  Podsiadlo  beat Joe Tyler, and Jake Davidson .
Joe Tyler beat Jake Davidson
Group 2     Dou-Dou Liu beat Elsa Rumsey and Ben Gibson.
Ben Gibson beat Elsa Rumsey
Group 3 .   Tom Powell beat Charlie Davidson 11/9 in 5th game, beat Oliver Allenby.
Tom Powell beat Oliver Allenby 
Group 4      Marcos Vega beat James Agombar and Dan Rumsey
Dan Rumsey beat James Agombar
Quarter  Finals. 
Piotr Podsiadlo beat Dan Rumsey
Tom Powell beat Ben Gibson
Charlie Davidson beat Marcos Vega 
Dou-Dou Liu beat Joe Tyler 
Semi Finals
Piotr Podsiadlo beat Tom Powell
Dou-Dou Liu beat Charlie Davidson  8,-12, -9, 9, 9.
Final  Piotr Podsiadlo beat Dou-Dou-Liu 9, -7, 7, 9.
 WINNER- Piotr Podsiadlo    RUNNER UP  Dou-Dou Liu

Boys U 15
Group 1     Irek Nawiesniak  beat Oliver Allenby and Jake Davidson
Oliver beat Jake Davidson
Group 2     Piotr Podsiadlo beat James Dobson and Jack Convery
Jack Convery beat James Dobson
Group 3.     Dou-Dou Liu beat Charlie Davidson 10, -5, -6, 13, 8.
Final Group
Irek Nawiesniak beat Dou-Dou Liu and Piotr Podsiadlo
Dou-Dou Liu beat Piotr Podsiadlo  9, 7, -10, -8, 10 
WINNER  Irek Nawiesniak  RUNNER UP  Dou-Dou Liu.

Boys U 18,
Group 1.       Craig Witheford  beat Jerome Edwards and Dinula Gomes.
Jerome Edwards beat Dinula Gomes

Group 2.   Tom Cutler beat  Rob Grady
Zak Capie scratched
Group 3.    Irek Nawiesniak beat Will Wickens -5, 7, 8, 12
Joe Redman scratched.
Group 4.   Josh Allenby beat Chris Austin and Dou-Dou Liu .
Chris Austin beat Dou-Dou Liu   9, -9, -4, 5, 15
Craig Witheford beat Chris Austin 
Irek Nawiesniak beat Rob Grady 
Josh Allenby beat Will Wickens -6, 5, 8, -8, 4
Tom Cutler beat Jerome Edwards 
Craig Witheford beat Irek Nawiesniak  7,5,5.
Tom Cutler beat Josh Allenby  6, -9, 3, 13
FINAL   Craig Witheford beat Tom Cutler  6,-9, 3, 13    
WINNER  Craig Witheford  RUNNER UP  Tom Cutler

 There was a very good entry. It was an enjoyable  tournament  to organise for Dave Green and Peter Cruwys. 
The boys and girlwere very well behaved, competitive and displayed good sportsmanship.  The umpiring help was much appreciated and well done. Thanks are due to the Cheltenham Club for the use of their excellent equipment.
Peter Cruwys 30.03.17                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

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