Vets v Coventry B 23rd October 2016

Cheltenham's first match of the 2016-17 season was a very competitive
occasion, away against Coventry "B".  The outcome was a 5-5 draw which
was fair result, although Coventry taking an early 4-1 lead, was not looking
to good for Cheltenham, but a strong charge from the visitors paid
For Coventry John Ludford secured 3 victories, through determined and
positive play with Dave Jamieson adding 1 victory, although Dave Smye
was unable to help the home side, but did team up with John Ludford to win
the doubles.  For Cheltenham both Roy Fowler and Dennis Wadley managed 2
victories and Mike Dodwell added 1.

Afterwards when we got our breath back everyone enjoyed some pleasant
refreshments and cordial banter.  



Author: via Cheltenham Table Tennis Association
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