Chelmsford & District Table Tennis League

Division 2 Cup - 2019/20 Season

Quarter-Finals - To be played by end of week commencing 10 February 2020

Tuesday - Writtle C v OCA D

Tuesday - Maldon B/C v Danbury D

Wednesday - Danbury C v OCA C

Monday - Writtle B v OCA B

Teams (Home night/Captain):

Danbury C (Wednesday/Steve Buer)

Danbury D (Wednesday/Neil Want)

Maldon B/C (Tuesday/Dawn Baldry)

OCA B (Monday/Stephen Northcott)

OCA C (Monday/Frank Hodge)

OCA D (Monday/David Porter)

Writtle B (Monday/Rod Maclennan)

Writtle C (Tuesday/John Gagg)


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