Return of Competitive Table Tennis This Week

The 2020 Season (Part 1) starts later today, so it is an appropriate time for me to draw your attention again to the Chelmsford League Playing Conditions for matches, given the need for us all to minimise the risk of transmission of Covid-19.

A new "Covid-19" section on the League's website has been created and you will find a copy of the League's Playing Conditions, originally distributed to you on 11/09/20, there. You can go directly to the Playing Conditions page by clicking HERE.

Please re-read these Playing Conditions before your first match of the season to ensure that you keep yourself, your teammates, and your opponents, as safe as possible.

I would also like to specifically remind everyone that the wearing of face masks is compulsory if you are umpiring a match or spectating within the table tennis court area. This is different from the TTE guidance for club practice sessions where the wearing of face masks in these circumstances is not required (although it still may be sensible).

You will also find on the League's website documents detailing each individual Club's approach to applying Covid-19 safety rules at their venues. This can be accessed by clicking HERE.

By the end of this week, I hope to have produced a summary of the important points players should be aware of before visiting each of the individual club venues. However, for the first week of the season, I would strongly suggest that you read the document relevant to the Club venue that you are playing at, to familiarise yourself with any "local rules" that you need to adhere to in addition to the League's more general Playing Conditions.

As I advised in my email to all Chelmsford League Members on 11/09/20, if any member is concerned about the Covid-19 procedures put in place by Clubs or by the actions of any individual member that endangers their own or other members' safety, then they can email me directly to All such emails will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Although these are strange times to be returning to competitive table tennis I very much hope that everyone who has decided to play in the pre-Christmas competition enjoys themselves almost as much as they did before the Pandemic started.

Thank you all, in advance, for reading and applying the various League and Club Covid-19 rules and for keeping yourself and each other as safe as possible.

David Porter
Chelmsford & District Table Tennis League.

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