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The second round of North London Region National Junior League matches for 2019/20 was held at Ellenborough TTC, Enfield on Saturday 23 November 2019. Having led Division 2 by one point after the first round of matches the A Team were promoted to Division 1. As there had been promotion and relegation between the Divisions every team started again with zero points. Aidan Noguchi was now able to play after his injury to join Harry Buckle and Charlie Craig.   

Their first match was against Woodford Wells 1 who were the leaders of the Division in first round. Harry lost to Alfred Osborne 3-0 whilst on the other table Charlie had a five game match with Jai Chaudhari eventually winning -7, 9, 5, -9, 6. For Aidan a terrible start against William Whitehall, not even a point in the first game but winning the next two 8 and 10, losing the fourth to 6 and the decider 11-13. Aidan lost another decider, this time to Jai 9-11 and also to Alfred 10, -4, 9, 9. Harry won the last match 6, -9, 9, 1 to beat Jai, but an 8-2 defeat.  

Their next match was against Cumberland II CLUB A, Runners Up after the first round, Harry lost 3-0 to Toby Crawcour and on the other table Charlie led 2-1 but lost 9-11 in the deciding game with Benjamin Barbarash. Aidan then beat Billy Shepherd 3-0 and later on Harry and Charlie both beat Billy. Harry and Aidan also both took Benjamin to a deciding game and both lost that game 8-11. Harry had won the first game 16-14 and Aidan a fluctuating match. Toby beat both Charlie and Aidan 3-0 so a 6-3 defeat.

The last match was against Elm Green DTTC and the losing team of this match was likely to be relegated if promotion/relegation occurs to all the Divisions after all the day’s final matches. The Chelmsford B Team were willing the A Team to win this match. Not a good start with Harry losing to Juan Cordova 3-0, Charlie the only one to win beating Dannor 12, -12, 7, 3 and Aidan losing 3-1 to Emiiio Calcada. However fortunes changed with a winning run, Charlie and Harry 3-1 winners against Juan and Emillo and Aidan a 1, 7, 5 win over Dannor. At this stage Chelmsford needed one more win to ensure safety in Division 1 and it was Charlie who achieved the precious point coming back from 2-1 down to win -5, 5, -12, 8, 6 against Emillo. Aidan then lost    -3, 9, 9, -4, 6 to Juan and Harry rounded off the match with a win over Dannor 7, 8, 8 for a 6-3 win, revenge for the four matches the same Chelmsford team lost to the same Elm Green players last season.    

Harry Buckle 4 out 9, Charlie Craig 5 out of 9, Aidan Noguchi 2 out 9.


1. Woodford Wells 1 - 19 pts (P3 W3 L0)
2. Cumberland II Club A - 17 pts (P3 W2 L1)
3. Chelmsford A - 11 pts (P3 W1 L2)
4. Elm Green - 7 pts (P3 W0 L3)

With the Chelmsford B finishing Runners Up in Division 3 they were not affected by promotion or relegation other than Twickenham Brunswick A were relegated from Division 2 and Ellenborough B were promoted from Division 4. Nyree Marsh and Melinda Abraham Victor played again and were joined by Joshua Bickles whereas Joachin Mapes played in the first round. 

The B Team’s first match was against BATTS whose team had also stayed in the Division. Ali Graham had played in the first round of matches and Tobey Sage and Xander Petch were the other players this time. Nyree played Tobey in the opening match losing the first two games 11-9 and 11-5 and then winning the final three games 9, 8, and 6. For Melinda her match against Xander followed the same pattern. She lost the first two games 4 and 8 and won the next two 11-7, 12-10. Nothing went Melinda’s way in the deciding game and she lost that 4-11. Joshua’s first match was a close one against Ali, winning 10, 9, 9 and he went on to win his other two matches 3-1. Nyree lost 3-0 to Xander but beat Ali 3-0. For Melinda she had earlier won 3-1 against Ali having lost the first game but lost the final match to Tobey 3-0. A good start with a 6-3 win.

The Team’s next match was against Ellenborough B who had been promoted from Division 4. Nyree lost to Aaron Fernandez -8, 7,-9, -8 while on the other table Melinda beat Emily Revetto 4, -8, 10, 5. Joshua followed up with a quick fire 3, 6, 4 win over Jackson McFarlane but Melinda, having won the first game against Aaran 12-10 lost the next three 14, 7, 6. For the next two matches it did not take Joshua long for his win over Emily, both players liking quick rallies but on the other table the match turned on the third game. Nyree lost the first two games to Jackson 8 and 7 and both players had chances to win that third game before Nyree took it 15-13 and the following game 12-10. A deflated Jackson lost the decider 11-4. Jackson had to go straight back on the table to play Melinda who won the first two games 4 and 2. After a severe talking to from his coach Jackson manged to compose himself and he finally won the third game 15-13 although Melinda had chances to win it. She went on to lose the next two games 10 and 6. Joshua and Nyree both won the last two matches for a match score of 6-3. They now led the table by three points and they were getting worried that they may be playing the A Team in the next round of matches if the A Team were to be relegated and they were to be promoted.

The final match was against Twickenham Brunswick A who had been relegated from Division 2. Nyree lost her match with Harshil Shah 3-0 but Melinda and Joshua both won their consecutive matches 3-0. Melinda had a long tough match with Harshil before losing 10, 11, -10, -5, 7. Harshil also beat Joshua 3-0, his only defeat on the day, whilst all the other matches were easy wins for the Team. Another 6-3 win to finish top of the Table. This could mean promotion to Division 2.

Nyree Marsh 6 out of 9, Melinda Abraham Victor 4 out of 9, Joshua Bickles 8 out of 9


1. Chelmsford B - 18 pts (P3 W3 L0)
2. BATTS - 13 pts (P3 W2 L1)
3. Ellenborough B - 13 pts (P3 W1 L2)
4. Twickenham Brunswick A - 10 pts (P3 W0 L3)

Tables for the other two divisions are :


1. Ellenborough A - 19 pts (P3 W3 L0)
2. Woodford Wells 2 - 17 pts (P3 W2 L1)
3. Mossford A - 11 pts (P3 W1 L2)
4. Woodford Wells 3 - 3 pts (P3 W0 L3)


1. Twickenham Brunswick B - 22 pts (P3 W3 L0)
2. Luton TTC - 16 pts (P3 W2 L1)
3. Mossford B - 8 pts (P3 W1 L2)
4. Twickenham Brunswick C - 8 pts (P3 W0 L3)

The next round will be three matches on Saturday 11 January 2020 and finishing time is likely to be about 3.30pm.

Arthur C Clark, Chelmsford Junior Match Secretary

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