National Cadet League Report

The first round of North London Region National Cadet League matches for 2019/20 was held at Ellenborough TTC, Enfield on Sunday 10 November 2019. Sixteen teams from nine Clubs had entered. After last year’s four Divisions of four teams as there were seven teams with no ranking points at all it was decided to have two Divisions of eight teams. The beginner players in Division 2 would therefore play a greater spread of opponents of their own standard..

Chelmsford only entered one team this season as only last seasons A (Danbury) Team and two other boys indicated that they would like to play. It seems that most of the cadets play football on Sundays. The usual format of the Divisions was matches of nine games so that the players of each team played one another in their Division matches. Two matches shared three tables.

The Chelmsford Team comprised of the Danbury players Ben Porter, Ewan Hynd and Sam Mortimer- Ford and they were seeded in the top four of Division 1. As it turned out the top four teams in the Division played three of the bottom teams of the Division. Difficult to write much of a Report as they won their three matches all 9-0 and no matches went to a fifth game and only seven of the twenty seven matches needed a fourth game.

Their first match was against Woodford Wells 2. Ewan was taken to a fourth game by Rees Christina and Mabel Shute (who will be playing for the Essex Cadet Team at the end of the month) and Rees took Ben to a fourth game in the last match. The next match was against Ellenborough A  and all three were taken to one fourth game, twice by Jackson McFarlane and once by Sidney Jennings.

The last match was against Mossford 1. Ben had the longest game of the day, 17-15 in his opening match and went on to win 3-0 against Aryan Sharma and it was Ben who was the only player to be taken to a fourth game, by James Stein.

The next round of Cadet matches will be on Sunday 15 December when the top four teams will all play one another.

Division 1 Table

1. Woodford Wells 1 (27pts) - P3 W3 L0
2. Chelmsford (27pts) - P3 W3 L0
3. BATTS 1 (25pts) - P3 W3 L0
4. Luton (13pts) - P3 W1 L2
5. Woodford Wells 2 (7pts) - P3 W1 L2
6. Ellenborough A (5pts) - P3 W1 L2
7. Elm Green 1 (4pts) - P3 W0 L3
8. Mossford 1 (0pts) - P3 W0 L3

Division 2 Table

1. BATTS 2 (26pts) - P3 W3 L0
2. Rosehill A (26pts) - P3 W3 L0
3. Woodford Wells 3 (21pts) - P3 W3 L0
4. Ellenborough B (16pts) - P3 W2 L1
5. Rosehill B (8pts) - P3 W1 L2
6. Mossford 2 (4pts) - P3 W0 L3
7. Elm Green 2 (4pts) - P3 W0 L3
8. Spins (3pts) - P3 W0 L3

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