National Cadet League Report from 2 December 2018

The second round of North London Region National Cadet League matches for 2018/19 was held at Ellenborough TTC, Enfield on Sunday 2 December 2018. After the first round of matches there was no promotion or relegation between the Divisions so points won in the first round of matches were carried forwarded to the second round. 

The A Team comprised of the Danbury players Ben Porter, Ewan Hynd and Sam Mortimer- Ford again whilst the B Team was the Chelmsford Club’s James Donald, Sudheep Kamma and Joachin Mapes. 

The A Team’s first match was again against Mossford 2 who this time only had two players and the result was another 9-0 win. All six matches played were won 3-0. The Mossford players were Yuvraj Singh and Arjun Kumar.  

Their next match was against Graham Spicer B and this time they only won 8-1. Neil Peabho was Graham Spicer’s best player again and this time in another five game match he beat Ben 5, -3, 8, -7, 9 whereas he lost to Ben in five games in the first round of matches. Ewan beat Neil again in four games after losing the first game. The other seven matches were all won 3-0. Mossford’s other players were Cassius Collett and Hayden Syme.  

The final match of the day was against Fusion 1 with the Chelmsford team trailing their opponents by two points. Yiannis Kazantzidis won his three matches again for Fusion, all won 3-0 and Ben could only take one game off Freddie Wilke. They all beat Jonayed Ahmed again, Sam by 7, -12, 9 and 8, Ewan -7, 10, 3 and 5 and Ben -8, -4, 6. 7, 10 after a chat on tactics after the second game and nearly let the match slip away towards the end of the decider after having a healthy lead. A 6-3 defeat again and six points behind the leaders. 

Sam and Ewan won 6 out of 8 matches and Ben 5 out of 8 


                                                 P          W         L          Pts

Fusion 1                                   6          6          0          47

Chelmsford A                          6          4          2          41

Graham Spicer B                    6          2          4          16

Mossford                                 6          0          6            4

For the B team the opening match against Woodford Wells was yet again the hardest of the day. James Donald again won his opening match against Oliver Masson 3, 11, 3, but lost again to Alfie Osborne 3-1 and beat Carl Partridge 3, 8, -7, 4. Sudheep Kamma and Joachin Mapes each lost their three matches, both 3-0 to Carl and both 3-1 to Oliver and Alfie. A 7-2 defeat.  

The team then played Fusion 2 who this time only had one player, Felix Jones. Last time it was two players.

James and Joachin both beat him 3-1 whilst Sudheep, after winning the first two games, finally managed to win the match at 12-10 in the deciding game.  

Their last match was against Ellenborough B and James won all his matches 3-0 against Jackson McFarlane, Kyle Kam and Thomas Horncastle. For Joachin he beat Thomas and Kyle 3-0 and Jackson 12-10 in the fourth game. As for Sudheep he beat Kyle 12, -10, -7, 9, 6 in his opening match and Jackson 10, -9, 2, -8, 6 in his last match. In the middle match against Thomas it was a straight 3-0.  

James Donald 6 out of 7, Sudheep Kamma 4 out of 7 and Joachin 4 out of 7.

DIVISION 3 TABLE                           

                                       P     W     L     Pts

Woodford Wells 2       6      6      0      47
Chelmsford B              6      4      2      39
Ellenborough B           6      2      4      13
Fusion 2                       6      0      6        9




Woodford Wells 1                   6          6          0          42

Graham Spicer A                     6          4          2          32

Mossford 1                               6          2          4          22

Ellenborough A                        6          0          6          12



Woodford Wells 3                   6          5          1          38

Graham Spicer Girls               6          5          1          44

Mossford 3                              6          2          4          18

Fusion 3                                   6          0          6            8                   


A good performance by all the players. 

It looks as though there may be promotion and relegation between the Divisions.

The next round will be three matches on Sunday 13 January 2019 and finishing time is likely to be between 3.30pm. and 4.00pm

Have a good Christmas and all the best for the New Year.

Arthur C Clark - Junior Match Secretary - Chelmsford & District Table Tennis League


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