This year’s Championships were held on Sunday 20th March at the Harefield Academy. Given the number of entrants was low this year the Tournament Committee agreed to take out the junior events & run those later in the year, via the Development Office, Richard Cottle.

The members of this year’s Tournament Committee were Chris Lee, Stefan Konig, Hazel Williamson & James Johnson.

The Committee would like to express a special thank you to James Johnson for his help in putting together the running list to make the tournament run so successfully.

In a change from last year’s Championships it was agreed to run the tournament matches on 4 tables with 3 additional practice tables, which based on feedback from participants seemed to work well.

The number of entries, 28, was one of the lowest in recent years due to player’s other commitments such as National Schools. The 6 events followed the same successful format as last year. The Committee would like to thank all the umpires and assistants for their invaluable support, and once again, there were some spectacular matches to be seen….in fact it is very hard to select the most memorable matches as there were so many. Particularly memorable however was Marc Croucher against Ajay Gohil which was refereed by Ron Bryant, (must have been the longest match of the tournament). It was sad in the Men’s singles that Timur Hashimi, after beating Shae Thakker in an exciting and tense quarter final, had to concede the semi-final due to illness, leaving Richard Cottle in the final against Mitchell Jones. Indeed, the tournament appears to be totally dominated by Mitchell Jones who won both Men’s singles and Men’s doubles.

There was one match where a top player lost one set 11-0 but their name is not mentioned in this report!

A special thank you to my wife Brenda for running the refreshments; and to the support received from the Harefield Academy on the Saturday when setting up the venue.


Restricted SinglesRon Bryant v Simon Pells
Steve Dunn v Imran Soomro
Ron BryantSteve Dunn
Mixed DoublesRound RobinShae Thakker & Carys EvansMitchell Jones & Hazel Williamson
Ladies SinglesRound RobinCarys EvansSue Merican
Veteran SinglesMark Croucher v Ajay Gohil
Gerry Hawkins v Richard Cottle
Ajay GohilRichard Cottle
Mens DoublesM Jones & S Thakker v
G Hawkins & A Gohil

S Pells & I Soomro v
M Croucher & D Croucher
Mitchell Jones & Shae ThakkerMark Croucher & Dave Croucher
Mens SinglesMitchell Jones v Dave Croucher
Richard Cottle v Timur Hashimi
Mitchell JonesRichard Cottle


Veteran's Singles - Winner Veteran's Singles - Runner Up Restricted Singles - Winner
  Ajay Gohil
  Veteran's Singles - Winner
  Richard Cottle
  Veteran's Singles - Runner Up
  Ron Bryant
  Restricted Singles - Winner
Mixed Doubles - Winners Mixed Doubles - Runners Up Men's Doubles - Winners
  Shae Thakker & Carys Evans
  Mixed Doubles - Winners
  Hazel Williamson & Mitchell Jones
  Mixed Doubles - Runners Up
  Shae Thakker & Mitchell Jones
  Men's Doubles - Winners
Men's Doubles - Runners Up Lady's Singles - Winner Lady's Singles - Runner Up
  Mark Croucher & Dave Croucher
  Men's Doubles - Runner Up
  Carys Evans
  Lady's Singles - Winner
  Sue Merican
  Lady's Singles - Runner Up
Men's Singles - Winner Men's Singles - Runner Up
  Mitchell Jones
  Men's Singles - Winner
  Richard Cottle
  Men's Singles - Runner Up

Reporting Times for 2015-2016 Closed Championships

09.00Steve DunnMick Lowens
Steve KeyesRoland Stanbridge
Nigel Naylor-SmithHazel Williamson
Chris LeeAjay Gohil
09.30Steve WhitehurstPaul Langston
Ron BryantGerry Hawkins
Simon ColemanAdrian Radulescu
Simon PellsRichard Cottle
09.50Mark CroucherSue Merican
Carys Evans
10.30Timur HashimiTim Cook
Imran SoomroDavid Croucher
Mitchell JonesShae Thakker
Jemma Walker
10.50Max Pennington
11.10Ben Naylor-Smith

***  The 2015-2016 Entry Form can now be downloaded from the Website - see DOWNLOADS


This year's championships were held on Sunday 1st March at a new venue, the Harefield Academy. Despite the organising committee's fears that the space might be a little tight to accommodate 5 tables, this fear was groundless as the tournament seemed to be very well received. The number of entries, 40, was one of the largest in recent years, and required 101 matches to be scheduled. The 10 events followed the same successful format as last year, commencing with the Under 15, and Junior Boys and Girls events, and concluding with the Men's Singles Final at 6 pm. The committee would like to thank all the umpires and assistants for their invaluable support.

Once again, there were some spectacular matches to be seen, and the standard of our junior players was quite awesome. Indeed, the tournament appears to be totally dominated by the juniors nowadays, as they triumphed in every event bar of-course the Vets Singles. As always, it is very hard to select the memorable matches as there were so many. Particularly memorable however was the Under 15 final between Ben Naylor-Smith and Gaurav Aravind, which Gaurav managed to close out 13-11 in the fifth, having saved two match points. Ben's win against Danny Lewis, 15-13 in the fifth of the Junior Singles semi-final was equally exciting if a little against the odds, as was Mitchell Jones' 5 set win against Ben in the final.

Two matches worthy of mention in the earlier rounds of the Vets Singles were Gerry Hawkins' narrow 13-11 fifth set win against Nigel Naylor-Smith in the first round, and Bassam Mocharrafie's close match against Ron Bryant which Bass clinched at 11-8 in the fifth. In the Men's Doubles, Gaurav and Lee Clark surprisingly put out the experienced Mark Croucher and Chris Haines in 5 sets in the quarter-finals, proceeded to beat Gerry and Roland Stanbridge from 2 sets down in the semis, and then took a set off Mitchell and Danny in the final.

In the Men's Singles, Bassam took revenge by beating the third seed, Mark, in 4 sets in the first round, having lost to him in 4 sets in the Vets Singles semis. However he lost to Gaurav in the fifth set of a roller coaster match in the quarter-finals who in turn had to give second best to Danny Lewis in five exciting sets in the semi-final. The final of the Men's Singles final between Mitchell and Danny was quite breathtaking, both players trading banana shots 3 meters away from the table. Mitchell clinched it.

Many juniors were in contention for our star of the championships nomination, including Gaurav Aravind who won Under 15's and Restricted events and was runner-up in the Men's Doubles and Junior Doubles, Jemma Walker who won the Ladies Singles and Junior Girls Singles events and was a finalist in the Mixed Doubles, Danny Lewis who was co-winner of the Mens Doubles and Mixed Doubles and runner-up in the Mens Singles final, and Ben Naylor-Smith who was co- winner of the Junior Doubles and a runner up in the Under 15's and Junior Boys Singles. This year's star of the tournament however has got to be MITCHELL JONES who won all the events he entered, Men's Singles, Men's Doubles, Junior Singles and Junior Doubles.


Under 15's 

Ben Naylor-Smith v Lee Clark  (3-0)
Gaurav Aravind v Shae Thakker  (3-0)

Gaurav Aravind(3-2)Ben Naylor-Smith
Junior Boys  Singles

Mitchell Jones v Shae Thakker  (3-0)
Ben Naylor-Smith v Danny Lewis (3-2)

Mitchell Jones(3-2)Ben Naylor-Smith
Junior Girls Singles

Jemma Walker v Rachel Stones  (3-0)
Carys Evans  v Georgina Cooper (3-0)

Jemma Walker(3-0)Carys Evans
Junior Doubles

B Naylor-Smith/M Jones v J Walker/C Evans (3-0)
L Clark/G Aravind v D Lewis/N Li  (W/O)

B Naylor-Smith/M Jones(3-1)L Clark/G Aravind
Mixed Doubles

D Lewis/G Cooper v R Thoroughgood/R Lane (3-1)
S Thakker/J Walker v R Bryant/F Speck (3-1)

D Lewis/G Cooper(3-1)S Thakker/J Walker
Ladies Singles

Sue Merican v Hazel Williamson (3-0)
Jemma Walker v Georgina Cooper (3-1)

Jemma Walker(3-0)Sue Merican
Restricted Singles

Gaurav Aravind v Scott Thompson  (3-0)
Lee Clark v David Cottle (3-0)

Gaurav Aravind(3-0)Lee Clark
Veteran Singles

Mark Croucher v Bassam Mocharrafie  (3-1)
Richard Cottle v Chris Haines  (3-1)

Mark Croucher(3-0)Richard Cottle
Mens Doubles

L Clark/G Aravind v G Hawkins/ R Stanbridge (3-2)
M Jones/D Lewis v R Bryant/I Hopkinson (3-0)

M Jones/D Lewis(3-1)L Clark/G Aravind
Mens Singles

Mitchell Jones v Ben Naylor-Smith  (3-1)
Danny Lewis v Gaurav Aravind  (3-2)

Mitchell Jones (3-0)Danny Lewis


Presented by Stefan König

U15 Winner Gaurav Aravind 016 JB Doubles winner Ben Naylor-Smith 018
Gaurav Aravind - Winner U15 & Restricted, RU Mens & JB Doubles    Ben Naylor-Smith - Winner JB Doubles, RU U15 & JB Singles
Men Singles winner Mitchell Jones 019 Ladies Singles winner Jemma Walker 006
Mitchell Jones - Winner Men & JB Singles, Men & JB DoublesJemma Walker - Winner Ladies & JG Singles, RU Mixed Doubles
JG Singles RU Carys Evans 005 Junior Doubles winners Ben & Mitchell 024
Carys Evans - RU JG SinglesBen Naylor-Smith/Mitchell Jones - Winners Junior Doubles
Junior Doubles RU Lee Clark & Gaurav Aravind 023 Mixed Doubles Winners Georgina Cooper & Danny Lewis 014
Lee Clark/Gaurav Aravind - RU Junior DoublesGeorgina Cooper/Danny Lewis - Winners Mixed Doubles
Mixed Doubles RU Shae Thakker & Jemma Walker 013 Ladies Singles RU Sue Merican 008
Shae Thakker/Jemma Walker - RU Mixed DoublesSue Merican - RU Ladies Singles
Mens Singles RU Lee Clark 021 Vets Singles Winner Mark Croucher 012
Lee Clark - RU Mens & Junior Doubles & Restricted SinglesMark Croucher - Winner Vets Singles
Vets Singles RU Richard Cottle 011 Mens Doubles Winners Danny & Mitchell 027
Richard Cottle - RU Vets SinglesDanny Lewis/Mitchell Jones - Winners Mens Doubles
Mens Doubles & Mixed Doubles Winner Danny Lewis 029 Gaurav Lee Mitchell & Danny 028
Danny Lewis - Winner Mixed Doubles & Men's Doubles, RU Mens SinglesGaurav Aravind, Lee Clark, Mitchell Jones, Danny Lewis



Under 15's Ben Naylor-SmithJemma Walker
Junior BoysT HashimiNicholas Li
Junior GirlsJemma WalkerRosalind Lane
Junior DoublesA Nagle / J UnderwoodB Naylor-Smith / T Hashimi
Mixed DoublesR Bryant / F SpeckB Naylor-Smith / G Cooper
Ladies SinglesJemma WalkerFanny Speck
Restricted SinglesArchie BettsMax Pennington
Veterans SinglesRon BryantRoland Stanbridge
Mens DoublesM Croucher / W BrooksT Hashimi / N Li
Mens SinglesWarren BrooksMark Croucher


Presented by David Stephan

U15 Winner Ben Naylor- Smith IMG_1405 U15 RU Jemma Walker
Ben Naylor-Smith - Winner Under 15sJemma Walker - Runner up Under 15s
Boys Singles Winner Timur Hashimi IMG_1409 Boys Singles RU Nicholas Li IMG_1407
Timur Hashimi - Winner Junior Boys SinglesNicholas Li - Runner up Junior Boys Singles
Girls Singles Winner Jemma Walker IMG_1412 Girls Singles RU Rosalind Lane IMG_1411
Jemma Walker - Winner Junior Girls SinglesRosalind Lane - Runner up Junior Girls Singles
Junior Doubles Winners Joseph Underwood & Alex Nagle IMG_1415 Junior Doubles RU Ben Naylor-Smith & Timur Hashimi IMG_1414
Joseph Underwood/Alex Nagle - Winners Junior DoublesBen Naylor-Smith/Timur Hashimi - Runners up Junior Doubles
Mixed Doubles Winners Ron Bryant & Fanny Speck IMG_1427 Mixed Doubles RU Ben Naylor-Smith & Georgina Cooper IMG_1426
Ron Bryant/Fanny Speck - Winners Mixed DoublesBen Naylor-Smith/Georgina Cooper - Runners up Mixed Doubles
Ladies Singles Winner Jemma Walker IMG_1420 Ladies Singles RU Fanny Speck IMG_1419
Jemma Walker - Winner Ladies SinglesFanny Speck - Runner up Ladies Singles
Restricted Singles Winner Archie Betts IMG_1423 Restricted Singles RU Max Pennington IMG_1421
Archie Betts - Winner Restricted SinglesMax Pennington - Runner up Restricted Singles
Vets Singles Winner Ron Bryant IMG_1417 Vets Singles RU Roland Stanbridge IMG_1416
Ron Bryant - Winner Vets SinglesRoland Stanbridge - Runner up Vets Singles
Mens Doubles Winners Mark Croucher & Warren Brooks IMG_1425 Mens Doubles RU Timur Hashimi & Nicholas Li IMG_1424
Mark Croucher/Warren Brooks - Winners Mens DoublesTimur Hashimi/Nicholas Li - Runners up Mens Doubles
Mens Singles Winner Warren Brooks IMG_1430 Mens Singles RU Mark Croucher IMG_1429
Warren Brooks - Winner Mens SinglesMark Croucher - Runner up Mens Singles
Action DSC_3906-1 Action2 DSC_3927-1
Action3 DSC_3922 Action4 DSC_3901-1




Under 15'sH SimmonsB Naylor-Smith
Junior BoysT HashimiJ Underwood
Junior GirlsR LaneG Cooper
Junior DoublesS Clark / T HashimiA Nagle / J Underwood
Mixed DoublesS Clark / C LaneR Cottle / G Cooper
Ladies SinglesC LaneH Williamson
Restricted SinglesS PascoeD Husbands
Veterans SinglesM ScholfieldG Hawkins
Mens DoublesM Scholfield / G HawkinsS Clark / T Hashimi
Mens SinglesS ClarkM Scholfield


Presented by Bob Baines

U15 Winner Harrison Simmons IMG_1189 U15 RU Ben Naylor-Smith IMG_1188
Harrison Simmons - Winner Under 15'sBen Naylor-Smith - Runner Up Under 15's
BS Winner Timur Hashimi IMG_1191 BS RU Joseph Underwood IMG_1190
Timur Hashimi - Winner Junior Boys SinglesJoseph Underwood - Runner Up Junior Boys Singles
GS Winner Rosalind Lane IMG_1193 GS RU Georgina Cooper IMG_1192
Rosalind Lane - Winner Junior Girls SinglesGeorgina Cooper - Runner Up Junior Girls Singles
JD Winners Timur Hashimi & Shane Clark IMG_1195 JD RU Joseph Underwood & Alex Nagle IMG_1194
Timur Hashimi/Shane Clark - Winners Junior DoublesJoseph Underwood/Alex Nagle - Runners Up Junior Doubles
Mixed Doubles Winners Shane Clark & Christina Lane IMG_1198 Mixed Doubles RU Richard Cottle & Georgina Cooper IMG_1197
Shane Clark/Christina Lane - Winners Mixed DoublesGeorgina Cooper/Richard Cottle - Runners Up Mixed Doubles
Restricted Singles Winner Steve Pascoe IMG_1199 Ladies Singles Winner Christina Lane IMG_1196
Steve Pascoe - Winner Restricted SinglesChristina Lane - Winner Ladies Singles
Vets Winner Mark Scholfield IMG_1201 Vets Singles RU Gerry Hawkins IMG_1200
Mark Scholfield - Winner Vets SinglesGerry Hawkins - Runner Up Vets Singles
Mens Doubles Winners Mark Scholfield & Gerry Hawkins IMG_1203 Mens Doubles RU Shane Clark & Timur Hashimi IMG_1202
Mark Scholfield/Gerry Hawkins - Winners Mens DoublesShane Clark/Timur Hashimi - Runners Up Mens Doubles
Mens Singles Winner Shane Clark IMG_1205 Mens Singles RU Mark Scholfield IMG_1204
Shane Clark - Winner Mens SinglesMark Scholfield - Runner Up Mens Singles



Under 15'sA Nagle J Underwood
Junior BoysA ReedA Nagle
Junior GirlsC LaneR Lane
Junior DoublesA Reed / C LaneA Nagle / J Underwood
Mixed DoublesA Reed / C LaneD Cottle / R Lane
Ladies SinglesH WilliamsonC Lane
Restricted Singles R StanbridgeD Husbands
Veterans SinglesR PyleR Hazelwood
Mens DoublesR Pyle / R HazelwoodA Reed / L Janisiewicz
Mens SinglesA ReedL Janisiewicz



Junior BoysMarcus HazelwoodMatt Hazelwood
Junior DoublesMarcus & Matt HazelwoodEden Moafy / Laurence Hodgson
Restricted SinglesStefan KönigDave Sims
Veterans SinglesRadovan ZivkovicJohn Barclay
Mens SinglesLucasz JanisiewiczRadovan Zivkovic
Mens DoublesRob Hazelwood / Jim WelchJohn Barclay / Mark Scholfield



Under 11 Singles: G Denton beat T Taylor 14-16. 11-4, 8-11, 11-6, 11-6
Under 13 Singles:H Simmons beat H Seymour 15-5, 11-9, 11-9
Under 15 Boys: A Nagle beat J Underwood 11-6, 7-11, 2-11, 11-9, 11-2
Under 15 Girls:R Lane beat L May 9-11, 10-12, 11-6, 11-5, 11-5



Under 13Joseph UnderwoodTarun Chana
Under 15William BurdettJoseph Underwood
Junior Boys Carl BradburyWilliam Burdett
Junior DoublesCarl Bradbury / Jack Maskill Ben Jackman / Joe Stroomer
Junior GirlsLaura BausorAmanda Williamson
Ladies SinglesJulie Hogarth Hazel Williamson
Mixed DoublesBas Mocharrafie / Julie HogarthDave Swift / Hazel Williamson
Restricted SinglesRoy HamesDave Sims
Veterans SinglesJohn McCanceMark Scholfield
Mens SinglesLucasz JanisiewiczRobert Hazelwood
Mens DoublesLucasz Janisiewicz / Richard CottleMark Scholfield / Gary Keers

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