Calling All Team Captains.....

Scorecards -

Can all team captains please check the scorecards - before signing them.
Types of erroneous information include the following:

Missing scores, where either game or set scores have not been entered.

Incorrect scores, where the games do not agree with the sets.

Reversed scores, entered for home instead of away players, and vice versa.

Missing or wrong team names, dates, match results, etc.

Omitted signatures.

Missing doubles players – the most common fault.

Illegible entries.



 Please be reminded that:

(a    (a) Home team captains must send a postponement card notification within 3 days of the match date otherwise 2 league points will be deducted.

(b    (b) Postponing team captains must send notification of the rearranged date within 3 weeks of the match date otherwise 5 league points will be deducted.



 Please remember that it is the responsibility of the captain of the home team to provide refreshments on match nights, as a matter of courtesy. Thank you.

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