These are the Warne Cup rules: Warne cup Rules and format 2018 .pdf

This is the Warne Cup group draw: Warne cup Draw & Fixtures 2018.pdf


The following information you will need for the cup matches:

a) Player Rating sheet (This is used in conjunction with the Handicap Chart).

b) Handicap Chart & manual/electronic scoresheets (+ guidance on applying the handicaps etc.). 

(Access each sheet by tabs at bottom of sheet).

c) Warne cup draw & fixtures.

d) Warne cup rules.

Please ensure that scoresheets are returned to me earliest possible after each match, and also that each match contains only players from the attached players list. Team stats. and tables will be updated regularly and appear only on the website.

WarneCup Chart 2018.xls

Warne cup Player ratings 2018 Rev.A.pdf

Warne cup Player ratings 2018 RevD.pdf

Team stats 2018.pdf

Team stats 2018(2).pdf

Team stats 2018(3).pdf

Team stats 2018(4).pdf

Team stats 2018(5).pdf

Team stats 2018(6).pdf

Team stats 2018(7).pdf

Team stats 2018 (16-05-2018).xls

Team stats 2018(9).xls

Team stats 2018(Semi1).xls

Team stats 2018(Semi2).xls

Team stats 2018 Final.pdf

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