Warne Cup Information 2016

Warne Cup Rules and format 2016 .pdf

Draw & Fixtures 2016 Rev.1.pdf

1 Player ratings 2016.pdf

Player ratings 2016 Rev.2.pdf

Player ratings 2016 Rev.3.pdf

The following document includes 4 worksheets:

1. A "chart" that shows how player ratings are converted into handicaps.

2. A scorecard "self total" that automatically calculates the handicaps and results if the ratings and scores are entered.

3. A scorecard "standard" that can be printed out and filled in by hand.

4. An "instructions" sheet that shows an example of how a score sheet should be filled in.

WarneCup Chart 2016.xls

Latest update:

Team stats 2016.xls

Team stats. 2016.xls

3 Team stats. 2016 (3).xls

4 Team stats. 2016.xls

5 Excel: Team stats. 2016 (7).xls or PDF if preferred: Team stats. 2016.pdf

6 Team stats. 2016 (1).pdf

7 Team stats. 2016 (8).xls or PDF if preferred: Team stats. 2016 (2).pdf

8 Team stats. 2016 (3).pdf = Final Update for 2016

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