Summer League - Scores Displaying on Website

As some of you may already have noticed, the Summer League website is not able to record all of the match information for the scoring format that we are operating this season.

Whilst the results of individual sets between two players are correct, the game scores on the scorecard are only showing on a "best of 5" basis. As the scoring format for this year is to play all five games and award a point for each game won this means that some of the game information is not showing. For example, where player 1 wins the first 3 games only these scores will be shown on the scorecard, with the remaining 2 games being ignored.

Unfortunately TT365 have indicated that they are unwilling to make the necessary amendments to their software to reflect the "5 Game" format and, therefore, I have had to find a way to work around this problem.

Although I can't do anything about how the individual match scorecards display, I can adjust the league tables to reflect the correct match result. You will therefore notice an additional column in each divisional table headed "PA" (Points Adjustment) where the necessary additional points for each team have been added.

I hope this explanation makes sense, but should anyone have any queries about this then just let me know (to

David Porter

Author: via Central Essex Summer League
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