League Rules 2015-16 Season






1. The name
    of the League shall be ‘The Castleford, Pontefract and District Table
    Tennis League’
and membership shall be open to clubs within a distance
    deemed acceptable by the League committee.


2. The
    League shall be affiliated to the English and Yorkshire Table Tennis

   There will be
    an annual subscription for each team being a member, as decided at the last
    General meeting, plus the fees payable to the  above Associations, all fees being payable
    before the 30th September. Any subscription or fees not paid by the monthly
    meeting in October shall be increased by 10% and by a further 10% of the
    original amount at each subsequent month end that these monies remain

    In addition
    to the annual subscription every club, being a member of the league, shall
    place a deposit with the league, the amount of such deposit to be decided
    at the Annual General Meeting but in any case shall not be less than £20.
    In the event of a breach of the League Rules which is punishable by a fine,
    any such fine imposed shall be deducted from the said deposit and any club
    so affected shall be required to make good the amount of the deposit before
    being permitted to compete in the league in the following season. This deposit,
    or balance therefore is refundable on the club ceasing to be a member of
    the league.



3. The
    constitution and rules of the English Table Tennis Association shall apply
    in all respects in which provision has not been made in these rules.


4. Clubs may
    be admitted to the League at any time subject to the approval of the League
    Committee. Applications for admission shall be considered and either
    accepted or refused within 14 days of the receipt of  the application in writing  by the General Secretary. Teams shall be
    admitted to the division decided by the League Committee.


5. Clubs
    may cease to be members of the League:-

(i) - by resignation in writing to the General
    Secretary. Where a club has a multiple of teams in any or all
    divisions  of the League they may be
    permitted to withdraw any or all such teams. on written  request to the General Secretary, subject
    to the conditions that the lowest place team in the lowest division shall
    be withdrawn first.

(ii) - by special resolution of the League for whatever


6 (a). No
    alteration to the Rules or Constitution of the League shall be made except
    at a meeting called under Rule 8(c).


6 (b). The
    Officers of the League shall be -







All Officers
    shall retire annually but shall be eligible for re-election.


6(c). The affairs of the League shall be managed by a
    committee consisting of the Officers of the League and one representative
    of each club being a member.


6 (c)  The affairs of the league shall be
    managed by a committee consisting of the officers of the League and one
    representative of each club being a member.

Meetings shall be held, one in September to receive
    applications to the league and formulate the fixtures list. A further list shall be held in October to distribute
    fixture lists, handbooks and any other correspondence to officially begin
    the playing season. Thereafter, a meeting shall be held in January to deal
    with any matters, problems or late registrations which may require a
    decision of the committee. Finally, a meeting shall be held in May to make
    final preparations for the A.G.M.

The dates of such meetings should be published in the
    League Handbook. All officers of the League should attend these meetings
    where possible, together with the representatives of the clubs involved in
    the League, or suitable deputies. In the event of any representative, or
    deputy not attending a meeting it may be punishable by a fine. A fine will
    not be imposed if an apology for absence is submitted. However, such an
    apology for absence will only be accepted for a maximum of THREE
    successive meetings and any further absence may be dealt with by a fine upon
    the approval of the committee.

 A management
    sub-committee shall be formed consisting of any two of the following
    officers: General Secretary (or Deputy), Competition Secretary, Match/Press
    Secretary and at least two other members from the League committee to deal
    with any immediate business which cannot be held over till the next full
    Committee meeting. This sub committee (as above) need not meet in person
    but could deal with any immediate business by email or telephone. Decisions
    can be taken by majority of the management sub-committee.


6(d). Teams
    shall be entered in the Yorkshire League competitions as the committee
    decide and five people from this committee shall form the Selection
    Committee . Players selected to represent the League shall wear navy blue
    shirts, grey or other dark coloured shorts or trousers  and clean white shoes. A League badge
    will be awarded to a player who has represented the League on three
    occasions and, if awarded, must be worn when representing the League.


7. The
    arrangements of matches and tournaments and the general management of the
    League shall be in the hands of the Committee.

   A team
    championship shall be held each year to be played in one or more divisions
    or grades. promotion and relegation (subject to the discretion of the
    Committee) shall be the bottom two teams in a higher division shall be
    relegated to the next lowest division and the top two teams in a lower
    division shall be promoted to the next highest division.

    Competition Secretary, assisted by other Officers of the league, shall
    organise a Closed  Tournament for
    each season. Other competitions shall be organised as the committee think

   No person will
    be eligible to play in any Competitions arranged by the League unless he or
    she is firstly registered to play in the Castleford, Pontefract and
    District League. In the case of the Team Handicap Cup and the Knockout Cup
    they must have played at least two matches in the League, that is to say
    six sets and not merely the doubles, prior to the commencement of the
    competition. In the case of the Closed Tournament unless they have played four
    such matches prior to the deadline set each year for entries to this
    competition. Similarly, in the case of the Merits Competition, should this
    be held in the future, entrants must have played at least four such matches
    prior to the deadline set each year for entries to this competition. Exceptions
    to these rules may apply at the discretion of the League committee by

   Trophies shall
    be presented for both winners and runners-up in each competition, the
    trophies being provided by the League up to a maximum of four per


8(a). The
    Annual General Meeting shall be held in May of each year and the Annual
    Report and the Income and Expenditure Report, duly audited, shall be
    presented to the meeting by the General Secretary and the Treasurer.
    Attendance at all General Meetings shall be open to all Officers of the
    League and all registered players. Clubs MUST be represented at general
    Meetings, failure to be so represented may be punishable by a fine.


8(b). A
    Special Meeting may be convened at any time by the Committee or by the
    General Secretary upon the request of any two clubs. The object of any
    meeting so requested shall be stated in writing and it shall be held within
    21 days of receipt of the request by the General Secretary.  A Special Meeting shall have the same
    power of control of the league as the Annual general Meeting.


    Amendments to the rules of the League may only be made at the Annual
    General meeting or at a Special general meeting as defined in Rule 8(b) and
    shall be subject to voting as in Rule 8(d). Any proposals for amendments to
    the rules of the League shall be submitted to the League Secretary not less
    than 21 days before such Annual or Special General Meeting and the League
    Secretary shall circulate any such proposals to all member clubs not less
    than 14 days before such a meeting.


8(d). At
    all Annual and Special general Meetings the Officers shall have one vote
    and each team being a member, provided that team is represented, one vote
    each. A majority in excess of the opposition of one third of the votes cast
    shall be necessary to carry any amendment to the rules of the League, other
    resolutions by a simple majority and a show of hands. In the event of a
    dispute as to the person representing a club or team, the Chairman’s
    decision shall be final.


9. Lists of
    clubs being members of the League shall be sent to all clubs by the League
    Secretary after the fixtures meeting each year and particulars of any new
    clubs joining within the season shall be similarly sent out within one week
    of admission.




10. All
    championship matches shall be arranged by the League Committee. No matches
    shall be arranged for Christmas and Easter weeks except by special request
    or permission of both clubs concerned.


11. The
    committee shall draw up a list of fixtures and circulate this to the clubs
    in September of each year.


12. All
    matches shall be played on such dates as the Committee decide. If either
    team is unable to play they MUST notify their opponents giving three days
    notice where possible and another date must be fixed by mutual agreement.
    Failure to give 3 days notice may result in a fine being imposed should a
    satisfactory reason not be forthcoming.

    Secretaries of clubs re-arranging all matches shall notify the League/Match
    Secretary within three days or may be fined.

   Matches so
    arranged must be played within 28 days of the original date, failure to do
    so may result in the defaulting team(s) being fined by the League
    Committee. A further 28 days extension may then be granted.

   Any team
    wishing to change its HOME night after the commencement of the season must
    apply in writing to the General Secretary.


13. Matches shall commence at 7.30 pm. Any player
    arriving after 8 pm shall forfeit all his games unless by permission of the
    opposing captain.


  Should a team fail to turn up
    for a fixture without notifying their opponents and without giving an
    acceptable reason, then  points  be deducted from their points total and
    the offending team may be fined. They shall re-arrange the match at the
    convenience of their opponents within 28 days of the original date. Failure
    to do so result in the defaulting team(s) being fined by the League
    committee. A further 28 days may then be granted.


14. Teams shall consist of three players and may have one
    reserve who is eligible to play only in the doubles. Each player shall play
    all three players of the opposing team, the best of five games, 11 up. In
    addition any two members of the team shall play one doubles, best of five
    games, 11 up, making a total of ten sets, except in the Knockout Cup when
    no doubles shall be played.

   Subject to any
    re-arrangement mutually agreed upon, the order of play shall be:-         1. 
    A v X 3. C v Z  5. A v Z  7.
    C v Y  9. C v Z                  2. B v Y  4.
    B v X                6. Doubles             8. B v Z  10.A v Y

(A, B and C being the home team or in a final being determined by
    lot. In a final it will be the responsibility of the home captain to fill
    the score card and be the first to enter his team  the order of play.) Team captains shall
    exchange written notifications showing the names of members of their
    respective teams and the order in which it is intended they shall play.
    Once these notifications have been exchanged, no alteration of play shall
    be allowed and a score card will be completed in accordance with these
    notifications. Play shall then commence.

2 points will be awarded for matches won 10 sets to 0,or 9-1,or
    8-2,or 7-3,or 6-4

1 point will be awarded for matches drawn 5-5, and no points will be
    awarded for a loss.
*Should a team turn up
    with only two players, without reasonable cause, and go on to win the
    match, they will at the discretion of the committee, be deducted one point.
    However, should similar circumstances prevail again throughout the season
    then a point will be deducted/forfeited on each occasion without the matter
    being referred to the committee. Any such deduction of points at a second
    and subsequent occasion will count against the points tally at the end of
    the season. In the event of two or more teams having the same number of
    points at the end of the season, the team deemed to be the highest will be
    the one that has won the most matches throughout the season, not the
    highest number of sets. However, should the team with the highest number of
    matches won had previously been subjected to a deduction/ forfeiture of
    points because of a player absence throughout the season on more than one
    occasion then the second and subsequent points forfeiture will count
    against them at the end of season tally. If the number of matches won is
    the same and the points forfeited is the same, then the team with the
    highest number of sets won will be declared the winner.

If at the conclusion of the number of matches won and sets won and
    points deducted/ forfeited is also equal then the teams will play off, at
    which stage only the singles sets will be played, not the doubles.




15(a). The secretary of each club being a member of the
    League shall forward to the League Match Secretary a list of playing
    members of their club for

15(a) continued;    match registration purposes accompanied by a fee for each player thus
    registered, that fee being fixed annually at the first League Committee
    meeting of the season. Players shall be registered according to their
    ability and subsequent teams of lesser ability unless approved otherwise by
    application to the League Committee, players shall be registered for team
    and division in which they compete.

15(b). No player shall be eligible to take part in any
    League match or competition whose name has not been filed with the League
    Match Secretary 48 hours before playing and/or in respect of whom the
    appropriate registration fee has not been paid. The closing date for
    registration is 25th December each year, after which application may be
    made to the Committee only by virtue of special reasons.

Should a team require to make a registration after this date, they
    may do so in the meeting to be held in January of each year, only by virtue
    of special reasons. Should there be further need for a player to be
    registered after this meeting the team representative should make contact
    with the Match Secretary by phone or e-mail in sufficient time for the
    Match Secretary to consult with at least two officers of the league not
    connected with the team involved for agreement, in sufficient time for the
    decision to be made and in any case 48 hours before he/she is allowed to play

15(c). A player may not play in a lower division in that
    season without the written consent of the League Committee and then may
    only play in the division next below that for which he/she was originally
    registered in which his/her club has a team. No player shall be permitted
    to play in more than two divisions of the league in any one season.

15(d). Any player may play for a team or teams of the
    club for which he/she is registered in a higher division from that in which
    he/she is registered, but having played a total of three matches in that
    higher division cannot again play in a lower division without the consent
    of the League Committee. In the event of a club having more than one team
    in the same division, no player may play more than three matches in total,
    other than for the team for  which
    he/she was originally registered. Teams must at all times contain not
    less than two of their originally registered players.


16. Scoring of points shall be in accordance with the
    rules of the English table Tennis Association and all score cards to be
    submitted by the Home team irrespective of the result.

   Such score cards must reach
    the League Match Secretary not later than SEVEN CLEAR DAYS from
    the date of the match and failure to submit such score cards within this
    time may be punishable by a fine.

   The results of all League
    matches shall be recorded by the League Match Secretary and a summary shall
    be circulated to all clubs at the end of the season.


17. The ball may be any ball currently approved by the
    E.T.T.A. All matches shall be played under the E.T.T.A. approved Laws of
    Table Tennis in use at the current time.

18. These rules apply to all competitions and matches
    organised by the League, unless different rules have been approved and
    stipulated for other events.




19. Where any rule indicates that non-compliance may be
    punishable by a fine, the minimum fine shall be £5 (five pounds) for the
    first offence and thereafter any 
    fine  imposed for any
    repetition of the same offence shall be decided by the League Committee but
    in any case shall be not less than the aforementioned £5 (five pounds).

   Any fines incurred will be
    assessed at the next meeting of the Committee following non-compliance of
    the rules concerned and will be published in the minutes, for payment
    before or at the next meeting. Failure to comply with this payment may
    result in a further fine being imposed by the committee.



20.    In the event
    of the winding up or dissolution of the league for any reason whatsoever,
    any surplus assets accrued by membership fees, players registration fees or
    sale of League property or equipment remaining after the discharge of all
    debts and liabilities, shall not be paid to any other Table Tennis League
    but shall be transferred to the Yorkshire Table Tennis Association for use
    in the development of junior table tennis. 
    Any Trophies belonging to the league shall be placed in the custody
    of a responsible person or body subject to the provision that such trophies
    shall be returned to the league should it at any time reform.  In the context of this rule the term
    ‘League’ shall be construed as meaning the Castleford, Pontefract and
    District Table Tennis League.


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