NEW SEASON 2016-2017

Hi All,

The new season begins in the week commencing 26th September 2016 and I hope you will all enjoy your table tennis again. Just a few bits of information for you all:

1. Please try and ensure you all arrive early for matches. There were several instances last season of late arrivals and this obviously causes problems and then late finishes.

2. As agreed at the pre season meeting, a hard copy handbook will not be produced this season, but a printed version of the fixtures and team secretaries and venue details has been provided. The full handbook and fixtures are on the website in Word document format, so if you do want a hard copy of one, you can just print it yourselves direct from there. Just go to the Handbook and/or Fixtures Tab at the top right hand side of the home page.

3. Could all WIS Teams and Players please note that although we have half the Upper Hall at Sophia Gardens booked from 7pm as normal, the other half is booked until 7 by someone else and then the staff need to set it up for us when that booking has finished. Consequently, it will not be available for us at 7. We have that half booked from 7-30 on, although I would hope it will be available a bit earlier than that. In any event, could all teams begin their matches as soon as possible to avoid late finishes. As per last season, there will be NO doubles event in the WIS Division.

4. Everything you need to know about the League, including Results, Averages, Fixtures and League Tables are on the website, so please use it regularly to stay up to date.

5. Results can be sent in by post using the normal scorecards, but to save postage and to make things a lot quicker, we would encourage you to either photograph or scan them and send them by email to our new email address at or send them from your mobile to the Match Results Secretary Geoff Lloyd on 07812 827776. Please keep a copy in case of any issues arising.

6. Please don't forget Rule 29 which covers the fact that ALL fixtures must be fulfilled and if a match is postponed and not played on or before the due date, the team concerned will automatically deducted 10 point and may also be fined. The match will still need to be played as well anyway. If there are any potential issues with Fixtures, please ensure they are discussed with Chris Davies the League Secretary BEFORE the match is due to be played.

7. Any potential issues with Fixtures or anything else to do with the League should be reported to Chris Davies the League Secretary promptly.

8. If any player does not have a handicap from last season, they are able to substitute for any other club member until the Management Committee allocate them a handicap once the season has been underway for a few weeks.

That's it for now. Have a good one!

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