Tournament Regulations

1. TTE tournament regulations apply to this tournament. All games will be the best of 5 games up to 11 with the exception of the handicap which shall be one game up to 41. All Players shall be registered Player Members of the TTE.

2. All Events will be played on the Knockout principle, or in groups as to be decided by the organisers. Events will be seeded with the exception of the Handicap, Restricted Singles and Drawn Doubles.

3. If it is necessary to restrict entries, it will be on the basis of "LAST RECEIVED, FIRST OUT."

4. Competitors must report to the Referee at the 'control table' on arrival. Anyone absent when required to play will be scratched from that event. No refund of fees will be made under any circumstances.

5. Competitors must not wear hard-soled shoes in the playing area and are prohibited from wearing white clothing above the knee or displaying inappropriate advertising.

6. There shall be no gambling at the venue, other than participation in a lottery or similar competition conducted by or with the permission of Cambridge & District TTL. Any person contravening this regulation shall be liable to immediate disqualification and required to leave the premises. Any such conduct shall be reported to the TTE.

7. General qualification: Senior players must have played at least 2 matches in the League during the current season for a Club affiliated to the Cambridge & District Table Tennis League. Juniors and Cadets players must be registered with a Cambridge & District League club.

8. Veteran Qualification: born before 1979
Junior Qualification: born 2001 or later
Cadet Qualification: born 2004 or later

9. The Cadet Event is open to Boys and Girls

10. The Restricted Singles is only open th players playing in Division 2,3,4

11. In the interest of the smooth running of the tournament, it is a condition of entry that the losing player remains available to umpire the next match.

12. Only completed entry forms, accompanied by the appropriate fees received before closing date will be accepted.

13. Division 3 & 4 events are only open to Players registered in the appropriate Division.

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