The Annual Pat O’Bryne Memorial Hard Bat Tournament 

Profits from this tournament go towards paying course fees for League members who wish to become a coach.


The fourth Pat O’Bryne Memorial Hard Bat Tournament was held on Saturday, 5th April 2014 at St Neots Table Tennis Club. A total of 17 people entered, including players from the Cambridge, North Herts, Bedford and Peterborough Leagues. Play got under way at 
9.45 a.m. with group matches, and after a couple of hours winners of 3 out of the 4 groups emerged having won all their matches in straight sets, while in the remaining group the winner only dropped one set. The top two players in each group then went forward into a second round of groups (winners) and the remaining players into a second round of groups (plate). As to be expected, this time the matches were much closer. In the plate groups Alan Walden and Elaine Hanworth came out top of their respective groups and then went on to play each other in a very close Plate Final, with Alan finally emerging the winner 18-21, 
21-18, 21-19. Meanwhile in the top groups the rallies were getting longer as the players were becoming used to the hard bats. The first of the top groups to finish saw last year’s winner, Dave Tiplady, continue his unbeaten run, although he was taken to 3 sets by 
Keith Richardson, former 20-times County Champion. In the other top group it couldn’t have been closer with all four players recording at least one win. Up until the last match it looked as though current County Champion, Daniel Fielding, might come out top as he had won both his previous two matches in the group, but he then lost to St Neots team-mate Shaun Murray in two straight sets. With Mick Harper also recording a win and Kevin Gray recording two wins, it went on count back. Kevin emerged as the winner with a 5-3 set differential as opposed to Daniel’s 4-4. After a short period for recovery, Kevin then went on to play Dave in the Final. This was another classic match with Dave’s fluent attacking strokes clawing back Kevin’s initial lead in the first set, to win it 21-19. However, Kevin’s solid defensive skills and ability to retrieve the ball from all angles gradually wore Dave’s attack down and Kevin emerged the winner in an enthralling three sets 19-21, 21-14, 21-15. It was a pleasure to watch the “good-old” encounters of an attacker against a defender and a fitting finale to an enjoyable day’s play for all the participants – and only 6 balls were broken in the tournament this year!

The money raised will go into the fund set up to help pay course fees for Cambridge League members who wish to gain a coaching qualification.

Final positions:
1. Kevin Gray (Winner)
2. Dave Tiplady (Runner-up)
3/4 Danny Fielding / Keith Richardson (not played)
5/6 Bill Draper / Mick Harper (not played)
7. Shaun Murray
8. Aaron Shaheed
9. Alan Walden (Plate Winner)
10. Elaine Hanworth (Plate Runner-up)
11. Steve King
12. James Nicholls
13. Michael Peacock
14. Janet Nicholls
15 / 16 Barbara Wright / Lynn Samuels (not played)
17. Cate Thomas




Kevin Gray Winners Cup from Val











Dave Tiplady  Runner Up




Alan Walden Plate Winner




Elaine Hanworth Plate Runner up




Final Play




Runner Up Play















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