Dear League Member,

II am writing to you as the Coaching Secretary for the Cambridge and District TT League.

It is very important that we keep up-to-date information on our website about registered coaches and coaching/practice nights at the different clubs. We do get a number of people each year contacting us for this information and we need to ensure we can point them in the right direction.

So, please could you e-mail me on (DO NOT ‘reply’ to this e-mail or send an e-mail to Brian Freer) letting me know:

a)      If you are a currently registered/qualified coach (all required documentation in date) and to what level and what coaching you are currently delivering (if any)

b)      Any coaching that takes place at your club (what days, what time, who to contact etc.)

c)       Your club practice night (if there is one) where potential new members can come along

d)      If you as an individual are interested in doing a coaching qualification (there is some funding available to support members of the league who wish to become registered and to deliver coaching on a regular basis)

I would be extremely grateful if you could respond to this e-mail when you get a chance.

Many thanks and best wishes

Helen Arnold


Coaching in the Cambridge area

The following members of the League are qualified ETTA coaches:

1.       Mark Mitchell                    ETTA Level 4       UKCC Level 3                      (St. Neots and Cambridge-Parkside)

2.       Mick Harper                       ETTA Level 3       UKCC Level 2                      (St. Neots)

3.       Di Gutteridge                     ETTA Level 2                                                       (St. Neots)

4.       Hugo Brown                       UKCC Level 2                                                      (Impington) *but DBS needs renewing

5.       Tom Zodziak                       UKCC Level 2                                                      (Cambridge-Parkside)

6.       Janet Nicholls                    UKCC Level 2                                                      (Soham Comrades)

7.       Richard Wells                     UKCC Level 2                                                      (St. Ives)

8.       Kevin Gray                          UKCC Level 2                                                      (St. Georges) *but Safeguarding needs renewing


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