Minutes of the AGM held on 20.6.12
at the Fulbourn Centre

Tony Brotchie (Life Vice-President), Roger Fensom and Rob Trigg (Vice-Presidents) and 30 members, representing 11 clubs.

Brian Judd (President), Ruth Puddick (Vice-President), Janet Nicholls (Coaching Secretary), Tracey Sambrook (Committee Member), Derek Barns, Marc Meunier and Shaun Murray.

In the President’s absence, Bob Pettit (Chairman of the League) chaired the meeting.   He announced the sad passing of Vic Tiplady and Alan Burgess during the past year and detailed their respective playing careers in the League.   The meeting then stood for a minute’s silence.


Treasurer’s Report
Under Expenditure, an explanation for the increase in Expenses and Donations had been circulated to teams at the beginning of the season.   An £80 book token had been purchased as a retirement gift for Dave Harrison, £38 had been spent on engraving a new cup and the Men’s Singles Trophy had required updating after an absence of a few years.   Donations had been made in memory of 3 long standing members of the League who had passed away during the year.

The Committee had met on 6 occasions this season and thanks were recorded to Carl Woolf for booking the Fulbourn Centre for these meetings.  All the members of the Committee were thanked for their hard work.   The first day of the League Tournament had to be cancelled owing to insufficient entries.   However, six events were held on the second scheduled day and the winners were:  Men’s Singles: Hamish Yeung; Ladies’ Singles: Helen Arnold; Men’s Doubles: Alex Facey and Daniel Fielding; Ladies’ Doubles: Di Gutteridge and Val Parkes; Mixed Doubles: Shaun Murray and Di Gutteridge; Veterans’ Singles: Alex Facey.   Many thanks to Brian Freer for organising the tournament and to Caroline Wright for providing and helping with the refreshments. The County tournament was once again held at Neale Wade School in March.    Helen Arnold won the Ladies’ Singles; Robert Swift in partnership with Wayne Mason won the Men’s Doubles: Val Parkes in partnership with Di Gutteridge won the Ladies’ Doubles; Helen Arnold in partnership with Matt Knott won the Mixed Doubles; Alex Facey the Veterans’ Singles; Liwu Wei the Restricted Singles; Daniel Fielding the Under-21 Boys; Adam Jepson the Junior Boys; Amy Catlin the Junior Girls; Innes Christison in partnership with Zak Davey the Junior Doubles; Adam Jepson the Cadet Boys’ Singles and Daniel Fielding in partnership with Stuart Agger, the Drawn Doubles.

The following League players represented the County over the past season:   
Seniors: Martin Gray, Simon Pryke, Alex Facey, Robert Swift, Martin Freeland, Maria Boulton, Caroline Wright, Yvette Hooks, Helen Arnold, Pippa Keane, Amy Catlin.  
Veterans (including Over-60’s):  Simon Pryke, Mick Harper, Alex Facey, Julian Tee, Robert Swift, Liwu Wei, Dave Rowell, Terry Lane, Andy Merritt, Alan Smith, Andrew Maguire, Roger Fensom, Rod Hatton, Derek Fuller, Yvette Hooks, Janet Nicholls, Val Parkes.
Juniors/Cadets:  Max Schwiening, Adam Jepson, Amy Catlin, Ena Catlin.

Hard Bat Tournament
The 2nd Pat O’Bryne Memorial Hard Bat Tournament was held at St Neots with 16 entries.   Chris Pickard beat Mick Harper in the final and was presented with the new perpetual Pat O’Bryne Memorial Trophy.    In the “plate” final Bob Pettit won for the second year running, beating Brian Freer in the final.   Thanks to Caroline Wright once again for her wonderful cakes.  Overall a profit of approximately £150 was made on the day, which will go towards paying course fees for League
members who wish to become a coach.
The General Secretary was thanked for her report and hard work during the season.

Brian Freer circulated his report.   The League had comprised of 43 teams from 14 clubs with 236 players registered.   Out of a total of 422 matches, 21 were played late, 1 conceded, and 20 played with players short.  The introduction of the rule concerning the postponement of matches was again breached by many teams and the Committee imposed fines on several teams who were in breach of Rule 14.   There was, however, a reduction in the usual pile up of postponed fixtures towards the end of the season.   At present fines are not collected until the start of the following season, but in future they will be collected as and when they are levied.  The Handicap Knockout Cup had 26 entries with the Final being played at the Fulbourn Centre, to whom thanks were extended for the use of their facilities.   The number of entries was low and with several matches conceded, there was concern as to whether this Competition was viable.   Sanctions were not imposed on teams that conceded matches in the Cup, but will be in future seasons with the entry more clearly defined on the League Entry Forms to ensure that entry is required.   With the introduction by the ETTA of Membership Manager, which is a software package that allows the League to ensure that all registered players have paid the individual membership fees, the Committee have decided that now is the time to introduce a new Website with the ETTA League Manager software which is part of the overall package available via the ETTA for League Management.  It is hoped that the new website will be ready for the coming season.  In order to reduce postage costs for teams next season, it is being proposed that results cards, signed by both parties, can be scanned through to him.

Winning teams were:                Top player:
Div 1:        St Neots 1              Simon Pryke (St Ives 1)    
Div 2:        Impington 3            Martyn Livermore (Impington 3)    
Div 3:        Cambridge 4            Owen Davies (Over 3)
Div 4:        Impington 5            Peter Xie (Cambridge 5)
Handicap:    Cambridge 5

The Competitions Secretary was thanked for his report and all his hard work during the season.

The Accounts were circulated although they had still to be audited.    The League had made a surplus of £924 on the season.   This was mainly due to the work that Tracey Sambrook had put in acquiring adverts for the Handbook, for which many thanks were recorded to her.   There had also been less spent on courses for members wishing to gain a coaching qualification.  The £118 itemised as General Secretary’s expenses was for engraving of trophies and refreshment expenditure incurred on the Tournament, so this amount will be moved across to the relevant categories on the Accounts prior to them being audited.    The Treasurer will confirm by e-mail when the Accounts have been audited.   He stated that he would prefer members to renew their ETTA Individual Membership through him rather than directly with the ETTA, as this saves him a considerable amount of work checking that fees have been paid.    County fees will be increasing by £3 per team, but there will be no change to League fees.

English League Cup Competitions – Wilmott Cup and Rose Bowl
The finals of the 2010/11 Wilmott Cup competition had taken place following last year’s AGM.   Our Men’s team of Tony West, Mick Harper, Martin Gray and Kevin Gray, did brilliantly beating Reading, Hastings and Leamington Spa to finished 3rd behind the winners Wembley & Harrow and runners-up Stockton.   Our 4 players along with Shaun Hall and Simon Pryke, who had played in the zonal round and were instrumental in Cambridge qualifying for the finals, all received 3rd place medals from the ETTA.    In this season’s competition, the zonal round was held in January at St Neots.     The Cambridge Wilmott Cup team was represented by Tony West and Mirek Pazdzior.  Unfortunately Martin Freeland was unable to get to the venue as his car had broken down.  Cambridge won their first match beating Kettering B 5-0 and followed this up with a 3-1 win over Ilford.   In the final match Cambridge lost to Ipswich 1-3 to finish in 2nd place.   Both Martin Gray and Martyn Livermore, who were present at St Neots, were brought in as reserves to play in one doubles match each as Tony West’s knee had started to play up.   In partnership with Mirek, they both won their doubles matches.   In the Rose Bowl, Maria Boulton and Helen Arnold represented Cambridge with Caroline Wright, despite her back injury, standing by as a reserve.  Our ladies had a tough draw, losing 1-4 to North Herts and the same score to Leicester, both opponents being previous winners of the competition.  Cambridge finished in 3rd place, having beaten Grimsby/Cleethorpes 5-0 in their last match.   Leicester beat North Herts to win the group.  Thanks were recorded to Bob Pettit and Brian Freer for umpiring all day and to Caroline Wright for producing her wonderful cakes again.     Brian Freer umpired again at the finals of the Wilmott Cup in May.

Following a recent accident, Janet Nicholls was unfortunately unable to be present.  However the following report was submitted.   A coaching session was held in September at Neale Wade School in March, once again run by Alex Green.   Requests had been made for more of the same but it had proved difficult to find a suitable date.   More coaches had completed or were nearing completion of their courses.  Hugo Brown and Kwok Kee Chan had obtained their Level 1 qualification and Richard Wells Level 2.  Following on from the Thursday afternoon sessions for children held at Coleridge School in Cambridge it was noted that a further coaching session was now being held there from 5.30 p.m. – 7.00 p.m. for adults.   Carl Woolf reported that Hugo Brown had indicated that he would like to take an active role in coaching youngsters.    The Chairman reported that coaching in the area was looking up.
This had not yet been completed.

All proposed by the Executive Committee:
Seconded: Tony Whiting (NCI)
RULE 9:  After ‘.. take part in matches;’ replace ‘new Players must be registered at least 72 hours before playing.’ with ‘after the commencement of the season new Players
must be registered 14 days before playing.’
Carried by 19 votes For, to 2 Against
Seconded: Peter Hutchison (St Georges)
RULE 10:  Amend ‘..and the Team will be penalised as in Rule 11, ..’ to read ‘..and the
Team will be penalised as in Rule 9, ..’
Carried unanimously

Seconded: Mick Runswick (St Georges)
RULE 13:  Replace ‘… by posting or delivering the card provided within 72 hours of the match. …….’ with ‘by posting, delivering or sending an electronic image of the card
within 72 hours of the match. ….. ‘
Carried unanimously
Proposed by the Executive Committee:
Seconded:  Duncan Taylor (Impington)
RULE 14:  Replace whole Rule with:
Matches to be played by the dates shown on the fixture card.  
i) Postponements will be granted only under exceptional circumstances and with the agreement of both Team Captains and the Competition Secretary and may be the subject of a postponement fee of £10.00 to be paid by the team calling off the match.  (This will not apply to matches brought forward.)  If both Team Captains do not agree, the match must be played as scheduled on the fixture card.
N.B. The unavailability of a Player or Players is not regarded as exceptional circumstances when a Club has eligible players in lower ranked Teams.
ii) If any match is not played on the date scheduled, it must be rescheduled and played within 6 weeks of the original date.  It is incumbent upon both teams to ensure the match is played within 6 weeks, otherwise the match will be declared void and no points awarded to both teams.
iii) Some venues have limited availability and rearrangement of postponed matches can sometimes result in additional cost for the non-cancelling Team (where they are the home side) of arranging for the venue to be available outside previously booked dates.  In such circumstances the EC reserve the right to seek a contribution to such costs from the cancelling team provided:
    a) There is a genuine additional cost, which has been properly demonstrated
         to the EC
    b) The fact that there is an additional cost has been brought to the attention of
                 the EC and the cancelling Team Captain in advance of the rearranged match
         being played.

Discussion took place on the above proposition.  The following amendment (in italics) to point ii) was proposed by Peter Hutchison (St Georges), seconded by Mick Runswick (St Georges):

ii) After “If any match is not played on the date scheduled, and there are no exceptional circumstances, it must be rescheduled and played within 6 weeks of the original date…. ”
The meeting then voted on Rule 14 with the above amendment and this was carried unanimously.

ETTA Membership Fee Levels
The ETTA was proposing an increase in the Individual Membership Fee from £6 to £10 for Seniors from £3 to £5 for Juniors/Cadets, and from £3 to £5 for Associate Members, together with increases in the individual Licence fees.   The League’s General Secretary and Treasurer would be attending the ETTA AGM on 8th July as the League and County representative accordingly, and needed to know how the League members wished their votes to be cast at that meeting.   A proposal to vote for the increase was made by Bob Pettit, seconded by Duncan Taylor, and this was carried unanimously.

The following were elected:

President:    Brian Judd
Life Vice-President:    Tony Brotchie
Vice-Presidents:        Paul Day, John Cornwell, Ruth Puddick, Colin Cushen, John Loker,
        Keith Richardson, Roger Fensom, Rob Trigg, Dave Harrison.
        Mick Byrd and Sid Burgess were newly elected.
Chairman:    Bob Pettit
Vice-Chairman:    Mick Byrd
General Secretary:    Val Parkes
Competitions Secretary:    Brian Freer
Treasurer:    Brian Freer
Match Secretary:    Val Parkes
Coaching Secretary:    Janet Nicholls
          Committee Members:    Martyn Livermore, Reno Phyo, Andy Maguire, Anna Bridge
County Delegates:    Bob Pettit, Val Parkes
Auditor:    Brian Judd

It was agreed that if Tracey Sambrook is able to attend Committee Meetings, then she be co-opted on to the Committee.


Frances Stafford presented the Steve Stafford Memorial Cup for the Player of the Tournament to Martyn Livermore.  Tony Brotchie, Life Vice-President, presented trophies to the divisional winners and runners-up, the Handicap winners and runners-up and to the “top” players of each division.   The Tony Brotchie trophy was presented to Tony Clarke.

The meeting closed at 9.40 p.m.

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