Minutes of the AGM held on 22.6.2011

at the Fulbourn Centre



Tony Brotchie (Life Vice-President), Colin Cushen, Roger Fensom and Rob Trigg (Vice-Presidents) and 39 members, representing 12 clubs.



Ruth Puddick (Vice-President), Marc Meunier.



The President reported that he had not been able to attend many meetings this year as they had been held while he was out of the country. However, he thanked the Committee for their hard work over the past season. He commented that it was good to see lots of new faces amongst those present at this AGM. The League had sadly recently lost Albert Jackson, one of its longest playing members, and a minute’s silence was observed.









The Committee had met on 6 occasions this season and thanks were recorded to them all.

Brian Freer continued to carry the heaviest workload but with the introduction of the new ETTA Individual Membership database it is hoped that this will reduce some of the administration.

Bob Pettit had done a great job in providing regular articles to the local paper in addition to his chairing of the Committee. Brian Freer and Martyn Livermore were thanked for running the League Tournament yet again and further thanks were recorded to Caroline Wright and Carol Livermore who provided delicious cakes. Although Martin Gray had been unable to play for much of the season, he continued to provide much imput and played a prominent role in getting our Wilmott Cup team together. Janet Nicholls took over the Coaching Secretary role at the beginning of the season and had been very pro-active in arranging two coaching courses at March and assisting those members who wished to gain coaching qualifications. We were also pleased to welcome Tracey Sambrook to the Committee, who upon attending a County Committee Meeting as a stand-in representative for the Cambridge League, found by the time the meeting had finished that she had taken on the role of County General Secretary. A profit was made on the League Tournament which had been held over two separate days at St Neots. The winners were: Men’s Singles: Shaun Hall for the 3rd year in succession; Ladies’ Singles: Helen Arnold; Men’s Doubles: Shaun Hall and Shaun Murray; Ladies’ Doubles: Helen Arnold and Tracey Sambrook; Mixed Doubles: Shaun Hall and Gengshi Chen; Veterans: Mirek Pazdior; Boys’ Singles: Rhys Davies; Junior Doubles: Harris Ryder and Max Schweining; Mixed Cadet Singles: Ed Emmerson; Handicap Singles: Nilesh Patel; Restricted Singles: Nilesh Patel; Drawn Doubles: Gary Mitchell and Daniel Fielding. The Steve Stafford Memorial Cup for the Player of the Tournament was presented by Mrs Frances Stafford at the beginning of the meeting to Peters Zivtins. The County tournament had been held at March, where Keith Richardson won the Men’s Singles for the 20th time. A round of applause was given by the meeting in recognition of this magnificent achievement. Caroline Wright won the Ladies’ Singles; Helen Arnold and Tracey Sambrook the Ladies’ Doubles; Robert Swift, in partnership with Wayne Mason, won the Men’s Doubles and Caroline gained a second crown by winning the Mixed with Wayne Mason. Alex Facey won the Veterans Singles; Shaun Murray the Restricted Singles, Daniel Fielding the Under-21 Boys and the Junior Doubles with Ollie Loia; Amy Catlin won the Girls Under-21 and the Girls Singles and Julian Tee won the Drawn Doubles with Ping Kittipassorn from the University. A Hard Bat Tournament was held at the end of the season to kick-start the Fund set up in Pat O’Bryne’s memory. The money raised will go towards paying course fees for League members seeking a coaching qualification. St Neots had kindly provided their venue free of charge, although the League subsequently donated £20 to them as a contribution to the cost of opening the hall on the day. Prior to making this donation a profit of £149.75 had been made on the tournament. Thanks were recorded to Brian Freer for his help and to Caroline Wright for her cakes. It is to be hoped that this will become an annual event.


The following League players represented the County over the past season:

Seniors: Martin Gray, Kevin Gray, Steve Annison, Caroline Wright, Helen Arnold, Tracey Sambrook and Maria Boulton.


Veterans (including Over-60’s): Kevin Gray, Dave Tiplady, Simon Pryke, Mick Harper, Robert Swift, Yvette Hooks, Liwu Wei, Dave Rowell, Terry Lane, Liam Mohan, Steve Trevanion, Andy Merritt, Tracey Sambrook, Roger Fensom, Rod Hatton, Derek Fuller and Val Parkes.


Juniors: Harris Ryder and Amy Catlin.


The League’s two County Umpires were congratulated: Bob Pettit who had updated his qualification and Brian Freer who had achieved his qualification the previous weekend.



Brian Freer circulated his report. The League had comprised of 42 teams from 14 clubs with 238 players registered. Out of a total of 400 matches, 11 were played late, 3 conceded, and 20 played with players short. The introduction of the rule concerning the postponement of matches had again been breached by many teams and the Committee imposed fines on several teams. However, as per the previous season, there had been no pile up of postponed fixtures towards the end of the season. Brian conveyed his thanks to all Team Captains for their efforts in keeping postponed matches to a minimum. The Handicap Knockout Cup had 26 entries with the Final being played at the Fulbourn Centre, to whom thanks were extended for the use of their facilities. The number of entries was low and with several matches conceded, there was concern as to whether this Competition was viable. The League Tournament was held on 2 separate days, which resulted in a lower entry, but the huge financial deficit incurred in recent seasons had now turned into a surplus, which was the main reason for splitting the Tournament. Dave Harrison, who designed the League’s website and was the webmaster, had now retired and moved away from the area. Whilst Dave was happy to continue in this role, the Committee felt it would be prudent if the task could be taken over by someone more closely connected with the League. Suggestions were sought. The introduction of Individual Membership of the ETTA had not been as easy as the ETTA had hoped and membership cards for those players who had been registered via the League had not yet been received. However, Membership Numbers for our League’s registered players had been entered on the ETTA’s database which was now accessible by the Competitions Secretary and General Secretary.


Winning teams were: Top player:

Div 1: St Neots Shaun Murray (St Neots)

Div 2: Impington 2 Jan Hryca (Impington 2)

Div 3: Priory Youth Owen Davies (Over 3)

Div 4: Over 4 Nilesh Patel (Cambridge 5)

Handicap: Impington 3



The audited Accounts were circulated. The deficit of £228 was considerably less than last year, mainly due to the profit made on the League Tournament. Fines had virtually doubled due to postponements of matches. The Treasurer was asked for further information on two of the Expenditure items: An increase of £141 under Expenses and the £90 itemised under Donations. As he did not have the books with him, he would look into this and send out the details with the new season’s handbooks.



In the Wilmott Cup, Cambridge hosted the group at St Neots for the 3rd year in succession. Our team was Shaun Hall, Simon Pryke, Kevin Gray and non-playing Captain Martin Gray. Cambridge beat Watford 5-0 in the opening match, then narrowly beat SHAW (St Albans, Hatfield and Welwyn) 3-2, Shaun Hall remained unbeaten in both his singles, and paired with Kevin Gray, narrowly scraped home in the doubles. In the final match Cambridge faced Ipswich, who had also won both their previous matches. Simon Pryke was brought in to partner Shaun Hall. Shaun edged home 11-9 in the fifth in the first singles, followed by Simon who had an even closer game winning 13-11 in the fifth. In the doubles, Ipswich narrowly won a five set thriller 11-9. Simon narrowly lost his second singles in yet another five set match. However, Shaun Hall came through in his final match, to give Cambridge a 4-1 win and qualify for the national finals in July. The Rose Bowl also took place at the same venue on the same day. The Cambridge team of Maria Boulton and Tracey Sambrook, with non-playing Captain Caroline Wright, had a tough draw as they were up against North Herts, the holders, and Leicester, the previous year’s winners. Tracey Sambrook, playing in her first ever Rose Bowl match, produced a fighting display against Karen Smith, the England No. 10, and despite losing the match, Tracey did take one set off her highly ranked opponent. Tracey later beat the second Leicester player, giving an overall score of Cambridge 1 Leicester 4. Against North Herts, the result revolved around the doubles as Maria and Tracey had both beaten the North Herts No. 2. However, the experience of the North Herts pair, saw them edge home in three tight sets, which gave them a 3-2 match win. Thanks were recorded to Caroline Wright for looking after the refreshments and to Bob Pettit for umpiring throughout the day.



Janet Nicholls reported on a successful season which saw Helen Arnold, James Nicholls and Kevin Gray undertake their coaching qualification. All of them, along with Richard Wells, are now actively coaching in the area. Two of them will be seeking to undertake their Level 2 coaching course in the coming season. A couple of coaching sessions were run by Alex Green at March, and these were well attended and enjoyed by all participants. Mark Mitchell and Peter Hirst were running several courses at St Neots, details of which had been widely circulated as well as appearing on the League’s website. The President stated that he could not recall ever hearing such an active coaching report as that which Janet had delivered at this meeting, and she was to be congratulated on doing such a good job.



Brian Judd reported that he had checked the books and everything was in order.



Proposed by the Executive Committee:

Rule 4c

Add at the end: “Any such appeal must be made in writing within 4 weeks of the date of the original ruling by the Executive Committee.”

Carried unanimously.

Rule 5d

Add at the end: “At least 4 weeks notice of a Special General Meeting must be given to all concerned.”

Carried unanimously.

Rule 5g

Insert the words “and/or Special General Meeting” after “The AGM .. “ to read “The AGM and/or Special General Meeting shall be open to all members …….”.

Carried unanimously.

Rule 6ii

Delete: “The Annual League Subscription shall be as follows

£8.00 for each Team

£4.50 for each registered Player ”

Insert: “The Annual League Subscription for each Team and each registered Player shall be proposed by the Executive Committee and presented for approval at the AGM.” The remainder of this rule i.e. “The foregoing fees shall be in addition …..” to remain unchanged.

Carried unanimously.

Additional note re Rule 6ii. This will come into effect for next year’s AGM, i.e. June 2012. However, for the coming season 2011/12, the Executive Committee proposed an increase in the subscription from £4.50 to £5.00 for each registered Player (£8.00 for each Team to remain unchanged).

Carried unanimously.


Proposed by Mick Runswick (St Georges) and seconded by Derek Barns (St Georges):

Rule 14

Amend Rule to read:

Rule 14: Matches to be played by the dates shown on the Fixture Card, with the exception that a Team may postpone two matches per season without incurring a fine. Matches will only be postponed with the agreement of both Team Captains. The Competition Secretary will be informed of a postponement by the Captain of the Team which postpones the match. If both Team Captains do not agree, the match must be played as scheduled on the Fixture Card. Further postponements by a Team will be subject to a postponement fee of £10.00. If the match does not get played by the end of the season, the team which called off the match will receive 0 points and will be subject to a fine as per Rule 15. The other (non-cancelling) team will then be awarded all 10 points. Some venues have limited availability and re-arrangement of postponed matches can sometimes result in additional cost for the non-cancelling team (where they are the home side) of arranging for the venue to be available outside previously booked dates. In such circumstances the EC reserve the right to seek a contribution to such costs from the cancelling team provided:

a) There is genuine additional cost, which has been properly demonstrated to the EC

b) The fact that there is an additional cost has been brought to the attention of the EC and the

cancelling Team Captain in advance of the re-arranged match being played

Defeated by 13 votes For, to 14 votes Against


Proposed by the Executive Committee:

Rule 18c

Add at the end: “Any team playing an ineligible player will be expelled from the competition.”

Carried unanimously.



There were two nominations for the post of Chairman: Bob Pettit (proposed Brian Freer, seconded Colin Taylor) and Andrew Maguire (proposed Peter Hutchison, seconded Derek Barns). Result of votes cast: Bob Pettit 20, Andrew Maguire 7.

The following were elected:

President: Brian Judd

Life Vice-President: Tony Brotchie

Vice-Presidents: Paul Day, John Cornwell, Ruth Puddick, Colin Cushen, John Loker, Keith Richardson, Roger Fensom, Rob Trigg, Dave Harrison.

Chairman: Bob Pettit

Vice-Chairman: Mick Byrd

General Secretary: Val Parkes

Competitions Secretary: Brian Freer

Treasurer: Brian Freer

Match Secretary: Val Parkes

Coaching Secretary: Janet Nicholls

Committee Members: Martyn Livermore, Tracey Sambrook, Reno Phyo, Andrew Maguire

County Delegates: Bob Pettit, Val Parkes

Auditor: Brian Judd



St Georges

Peter Hutchison reported that St Georges were looking for players of Division 3 standard. If any other clubs had players who could not be accommodated in their teams, then please would they refer them to St Georges.

List of Approved Bat Coverings

Duncan Taylor stated that he had not received an updated list of Approved Bat Coverings. The Gen. Secretary stated that the latest list was always on the League’s website, and could also be accessed via the ITTF website. However, it was agreed that a hard copy of the new July-December 2011 list should be sent out to clubs for the new season.

County Badges

Martyn Livermore, Chairman of the Cambridgeshire TTA, presented County badges to Reno Phyo and Tracey Sambrook.

Individual Membership Registration Numbers

Brian Freer asked Club Secretaries to check that all their players had IM numbers.

Eastern Region Development Manager

John Andrews, the ERDM, was happy to visit Clubs and give advice or answer questions.


Copies of application forms for Olympic tickets; information on St Neots Summer Coaching Courses; Rules leaflets; were available to collect at the end of the meeting. The General Secretary held a list of Clubs that were open for practices/new members and asked for Club Secretaries to check that the information held was still correct.



Tony Brotchie, Life Vice-President, presented trophies to the divisional winners and runners-up, the Handicap winners and runners-up and to the “top” players of each division. The Tony Brotchie trophy was presented to Brian Freer.


The meeting closed at 9.45 p.m.

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