Minutes of the AGM held on 26.6.13

at the Fulbourn Centre


Brian Judd (President), Colin Cushen, Roger Fensom, Rob Trigg (Vice-Presidents) and 28 members, representing 14 clubs.



Ruth Puddick (Vice-President), Mick Byrd, Anna Bridge, Mick Dorling, Derek Fuller,

Peter Hutchison, Reno Phyo, Tracey Sambrook, Jonathan Woods.


The President announced the sad passing of three long standing members of the League,

Gerald Blackaby, John Cornwell and Tony Brotchie.  Gerald Blackaby had been a loyal member of the Ciba-Geigy Club for nearly 40 years and was an example to us all in how to accept victory or defeat in the same gracious manner.   John Cornwell, a Vice-President of the League, was one of the most highly ranked table-tennis players the Cambridge League had ever produced, reaching No. 8 in England.   He had won the League and County Championship titles on several occasions.  Having retired early owing to injury, John continued to coach the game, and with his wife, Margaret, ran a packed Saturday afternoon table-tennis session at the old Cambridge YMCA, as well as running the League and County teams, closed and open tournaments.   Tony Brotche, Life Vice-President of the League, began his League playing career as a member of the Fire Service team in 1950, and continued with them for the next 33 years, following which he joined St Georges for the next 17 years.  He was League Secretary, which then included the job of Competitions Secretary, for a total of 22 years.  In 1983 he received the ETTA Merit Award in recognition of his length of service to the League.  He was elected President of the League in 1987 and, upon his retirement from this post, was elected Life Vice-President in 2005.   No-one in the history of the League has given more years of service.   The meeting then observed a minute’s silence.    Following this tribute, the President welcomed Jennifer Ryall, Tony Brotchie’s daughter, and Frances Stafford to the meeting.   They then presented the Tony Brotchie Trophy and the Steve Stafford Memorial Cup to this season’s winners (names recorded at the end of these Minutes).







Following last year’s AGM, Tracey Sambrook had been co-opted on to the Committee.  

Janet Nicholls resigned from the post of Coaching Secretary in December and Martyn Livermore kindly stepped in for the remainder of the season.   Thanks were recorded to Janet for all the hard work she put in to her role and for her active involvement in setting up coaching courses and providing up-to-date information on coaching issues.  The Committee had met on 6 occasions this season.  Once again the first day of the League Tournament had to be cancelled owing to insufficient entries.   However, Brian Freer was able to incorporate the events scheduled for the first day into those planned for the second day.    Alex Facey was the new winner of the Men’s Singles, while Helen Arnold retained her Ladies’ Singles title.   Other winners were:  Hamish Yeung and Takojima Kojima – Men’s Doubles, Helen Arnold and Tracey Sambrook – Ladies’ Doubles, Martyn Livermore and Helen Arnold – Mixed Doubles, Mirek Pazdzior – Veterans’ Singles.  Many thanks to Brian Freer for organising the tournament once again.   The County tournament was held at the new venue of Eastfield Table Tennis Club in Peterborough.  The following Cambridge League players were successful:   Tracey Sambrook gained a treble, winning the Ladies’ Singles, the Ladies’


Doubles with Amy Catlin, and the Mixed Doubles with Kevin Gray;  Mirek Pazdzior and Daniel Fielding – Men’s Doubles;  Mick Harper – Veterans’ Singles;  Amy Catlin – Under-21 girls;

Adam Jepson – Boys’ Singles; Adam Jepson and Ollie Loia – Boys’ Doubles.  

The following League players represented the County over the past season:  

Seniors: Martin Gray, Simon Pryke, Daniel Fielding, Tim Avis, Alex Facey, Robert Swift,

Kevin Gray, Martin Freeland, Martyn Livermore, Maria Boulton, Helen Arnold, Tracey Sambrook,

Anna Bridge.  

Veterans (including Over-60’s):  Simon Pryke, Mick Harper, Alex Facey, Mirek Pazdzior,

David Tiplady, Julian Tee, Robert Swift, Liwu Wei, Dave Rowell, Terry Lane, Andrew Maguire,

Roger Fensom, Rod Hatton, Yvette Hooks, Tracey Sambrook, Val Parkes.   

Juniors/Cadets:  Max Schwiening, Adam Jepson, Ben Brown, James Kelly, Ed Emmerson,

David Leek, Ena Catlin.  

Hard Bat Tournament

The 3nd Pat O’Bryne Memorial Hard Bat Tournament was held at St Neots with 18 entries, including some newcomers from the Bedford and North Herts Leagues.  David Tiplady beat Mick Harper in a close fought final, while Martyn Livermore overcame James Nicholls in the Plate final.   There were some notable performances from players in the lower divisions of the League over top Division 1 players.   A profit of approximately £120 was made.   


Brian Freer circulated his report.   The League had comprised of 47 teams from 16 clubs with 247 players registered.    Two new Clubs were welcomed to the League: Parkside Federation Cambridge Community and Great Stukeley.  A new Database was introduced this season, at no cost to the League.  Thanks were recorded to Andrew Maguire for the initial set-up.  There had been some shortcomings but it was hoped that a new version, planned for the start of next season, will overcome these issues.   The introduction of the new section of Rule 14, whereby any postponed match had to be played within 6 weeks, had worked well, although it had led to some void matches, but there was no fixture pile up at the end of the season.  The Handicap Knockout Cup had 27 entries with the Final being played at the Fulbourn Centre, to whom thanks were extended for the use of their facilities.   The scheduling of the League Tournament will need to be considered for the coming season, both venue and events.    The sending of results cards via the Internet had been successful, although more care needed to be taken in some instances as several images received needed a lot of interpretation.  The results section of the Database was updated the day the cards were received.

Winning teams were:                                      Top player:

Div 1:              St Neots 1                               Daniel Fielding (St Neots 1)  

Div 2:              Great Stukeley 1                   Alex Facey (Great Stukeley 1)          

Div 3:              Impington 5                           Owen Davies (Over 3)

Div 4:              Sawston                                 Greg Runowski (St Ives 5)

Handicap:     St Ives 3

The Competitions Secretary was thanked for his report and all his hard work during the season.


The Accounts for the year ending 31st May 2013 were circulated although both they and those for the year ending 31st May 2012 had still to be audited.    The League had made a surplus of £790 on the season.   Although there had been an increase in income of approximately £280 over the previous


season, mainly due to the proceeds from the League tournament, this had been offset by an increase in expenditure of over £400 for the same period.   This was largely attributable to the printing of a new batch of scorecards, and the cost of printing the Handbook.   Fewer Handbook adverts had been received this year, whereas the number received the previous year had covered the cost of the printing.  County fees will be increasing to £20 per team, but there will be no change to League fees.


English League Cup Competitions – Wilmott Cup and Rose Bowl

The group matches took place at St Neots on 27th April.   In the Wilmott Cup our League was represented by Alex Facey, Martin Gray and Kevin Gray.   Cambridge were in a group with two other teams, Wembley & Harrow, and Watford.  North Middlesex had originally been in the group but had made a late withdrawal.  Cambridge started well by beating Wembley & Harrow 3-2, but unfortunately lost 1-4 to Watford who had previously lost to Wembley & Harrow.   Wembley & Harrow therefore went through to the finals as winners on count back.  In the Rose Bowl, the League was represented by Maria Boulton and Helen Arnold.  Because of the low entry from the Eastern Region, North Herts were the only other team in the group.   Once again North Herts were worthy winners, beating Cambridge 4-1, but our ladies put up a good performance.    


Martyn Livermore reported that there had been considerable success on the coaching front over the past year.   A Taster Day had been held at Impington in September, run by Helen Arnold with help from other Impington Club members, and this had been followed by further coaching sessions which had been very successful.   A coaching day had also been held at Chesterton with 27 children in the 11-15 age group attending.    Chesterton had received a grant of £7,000 from the ETTA, and it was hoped that some of this money could be used to set up a weekday coaching course there.   Richard Wells continues to organise coaching sessions at St Ives and Hemingford, along with Brian Freer.   Hugo Brown has spent an amazing amount of time coaching over the past year, travelling all over the County, and beyond, and is now part of the Eastern Region Coaching Team.  He has recently been appointed County Coaching Secretary and Junior/Cadet Match Secretary to add to his Development Officer role.    Kwok Kee Chan has also given a great deal of his time to help with coaching at Coleridge School and has also helped at some of the Eastern Region training sessions.    Carl Woolf has continued with some sessions at Fulbourn.    As a result of all these initiatives, more juniors are reaching a good enough standard to play in the League and will be entering in teams next season. 


As Brian Judd had not seen the Accounts for the past two years, he could not report on them. 

BF stated that he will arrange for these to be done in the next couple of weeks.


Proposed by the Executive Committee:

RULE 14(ii):  Add the word “new” to Rule 14(ii).  Rule to now read: 

“If any match is not played on the date scheduled, and there are no new exceptional circumstances, it must be rescheduled and played within 6 weeks of the original date.

It is incumbent ……. “

Carried unanimously.

RULE 18:    Add:

Rule 18f)  All matches should be played during the allocated Handicap weeks.  Should any match be postponed in accordance with Rule 14, it must be played before the week of the next round or within six weeks, whichever is the sooner. 

Carried unanimously.


ETTA Membership Fee Levels

The ETTA was proposing new Individual Membership Fees as follows:

Playing Members:       Seniors                                                              £8.00

                                    Cadets/Juniors                                                   £4.00

Associate Members:                                                                              £4.00

Annual Player Licence (excluding Player Membership Fee) 

                                    Seniors                                                            £22.00

                                    Cadets/Juniors                                                 £11.00

The League’s General Secretary and Treasurer would be attending the ETTA AGM on 13th July as the League and County representative accordingly, and required the League members’ mandate to cast their votes.    The proposed fees were then put to the meeting and were approved unanimously.


Indications are that there will be 3 new teams in the League next season which will bring the total number to 50.   As our League rules state that the maximum number of teams in any one division shall be 12, some reorganisation will be necessary.  In order to gain the views of League members, the Chairman had circulated clubs prior to this AGM, asking them to consider the options:

a)         5 divisions of 10 teams

b)         3 divisions of 12 teams and a 4th division split into A & B.   Depending on the final numbers        for the 4th division, teams may have to play each more than twice or have play offs against     teams in the opposite section.

A vote on these options was then taken, with the following result:

a)         6 votes

b)         18 votes   

The Committee will note this preference when confirming the allocation of teams at their August  meeting.   In the meantime, Clubs were still to be encouraged to enter more teams.


The following were re-elected:

President:                                  Brian Judd

Vice-Presidents:                       Paul Day, Ruth Puddick, Colin Cushen, John Loker,

                                                      Keith Richardson, Roger Fensom, Rob Trigg, Dave Harrison,

                                                     Mick Byrd, Sid Burgess.  Mick Runswick was newly elected (proposed by Martyn Livermore and seconded by Bob Pettit)

Chairman:                                 Bob Pettit

Vice-Chairman:                        Mick Byrd

General Secretary:                 Val Parkes

Competitions Secretary:        Brian Freer

Treasurer:                                 Brian Freer

Match Secretary:                     Val Parkes

Coaching Secretary:               Helen Arnold (newly elected – proposed by Martyn Livemore and  seconded by Val Parkes)

Committee Members:            Martyn Livermore, Reno Phyo, Andy Maguire, Tracey Sambrook, Anna Bridge

County Delegates:                  Bob Pettit, Val Parkes

Auditor:                                    Bob Pettit




PING Cambridge

The General Secretary reminded members of the launch of the Cambridge PING Project on 20th July. This is a project which will see 15 table-tennis tables installed across 10 public areas in the town, with bats and balls available for all to use and enjoy for free.  Impromptu play will be encouraged but the League are being asked for volunteers to help with coaching and running special themed events.   The project will run until 31st August, following which it is planned to leave the outside tables in situ permanently.    Anyone wishing to volunteer should contact John Andrews, Eastern Region Development Manager.


At the beginning of the meeting, Frances Stafford presented the Steve Stafford Memorial Cup for the Player of the Tournament to Helen Arnold, and Jennifer Ryall presented the Tony Brotchie Trophy to Kwok Kee-Chan.    At the end of the meeting, Brian Freer presented trophies to the divisional winners and runners-up, the handicap competition winners and runners-up and to the top players of each division.   

The meeting closed at 9.16 p.m.

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