The Cambridge League’s AGM will be held on Wednesday 22nd June 2016 at Burwell Community Sports Centre, Buntings Path, Burwell CB25 0DD, commencing at 7.45 p.m.  To recognise the 80th anniversary of the founding of our League in 1936, sandwiches and nibbles will be provided from 7.15 p.m.  Please note that, as is customary, there will be two presentations at the beginning of the meeting and the divisional winners and runner-up trophies presented at the end.  Agenda plus Minutes of 2015 AGM attached.

AGM notice 2016 i (1).doc.docx


AGM Mins 2015.doc.docx


AGM Mins 2016.doc



Phil Morris receiving Tony Brotchie Award



Carrie Cope receiving Steve Stafford Award


Mick Harper receiving St Neots 1st Division Winners Trophy


Peter Hutchison receiving St Georges 1 1st Dividon R/U trophies


Bassingbourn reeceiving Division 3B R/U trophies


Top Player Award Division 2B Nigel Bates being received by Danny Bates



Cambridge-Parkside 5 winners Division 3B



Top Player Award Division 2A Ed Emmerson recevied by Mike Johnston



Carrie Cope receiving Division 2B Winners, RCG Stapleford











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