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Home Player Away Player Games Score
15-13 11-5 11-5 1-0
11-6 11-4 11-7 1-0
12-10 6-11 11-8 11-9 1-0
11-6 11-3 11-6 1-0
1-11 11-9 11-9 11-5 1-0
11-6 11-8 11-9 1-0
11-6 11-8 10-12 11-9 1-0
11-9 10-12 11-7 11-4 1-0
11-4 11-5 11-7 1-0
11-3 11-1 11-4 1-0
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Match Report

Miller time? Shucks no, it’s Melero Time!! Our gaffer has history on his side...

It’s pronounced Meleeeeeeerrrrrooooo as in Agueeeeeerrrrrrroooo of Man City fame, don’t forget it!! It’s his time, Dom has recently become a veteran, and he’s sitting proudly at the top of the tree in terms of the League averages, somewhere I think our amateur ornithologist is more than happy to be nestled.

Now rumour has it that none other than Napoleon Bonaparte used to love to watch kingfishers plundering the local streams for fish when he was imprisoned on the island of Elba in his final days - and it’s clearly no coincidence that our very own Napoleon too enjoys observing the lightning blue flashers of the bird world during his lunch hour around the backwaters of Cambridge where he works. However, there are many more traits that these two previously unconnected souls share, unconnected unless maybe the French armies that Bonaparte commanded fought tooth and nail with the militant Meleros in the Napoleonic Wars back in the day.

Ask Will Hall or Bob Harman about the leadership qualities of their new team gaffer, which have shone through in recent months since he took on the onerous task of keeping belligerent Bob on a short leash (whilst retaining a vital hint of latent aggression in order to produce his very best efforts, after all it’s no good being a powder puff Puff) while keeping young Will’s meandering mind fully concentrated on the job at hand at all times. Napoleon too liked to be in supreme control of all things on the battle front and historically was known to do a fair job of this at times. I’ll throw these physical similarities in for good measure so to speak, both men 5 feet 6 inches in height, and both owners of incredibly thin ankles, yet both stand like gladiatorial giants in their respective chosen theatre of war.

Napoleon suffered badly with sunstroke and corns even before he was sent to Elba and chose to wear the infamous bicorne on his bonce and suede shoes for total comfort, while poor Dom too suffers from sunstroke when he forgets to don his King Puffs cap and painful corns on his feet a few years ago! Napoleon was swift and incisive in his military movements, Dom is equally fast in his decisions both on the ping table and off it. Like nippy Napoleon, Dom can run like the wind, a veritable kingfisher in human form, does everything at breakneck speed whilst keeping a calm head; perhaps a large blue streak on his Puff shirt would both fetching and appropriate, I can imagine him blushing right now at the very thought...

The match? Well the scorecard tells the story really - a good turn around from Bob, recovering from an 11-1 drubbing against Nigel Howe in the first set to take the next three sets and see off a determined challenge from the no.1 Puma, who is definitely one of the best counter-attackers in the division, some of the rallies in his matches against Will and Dom were a joy to behold. Both Scott Day and David Gough did their best to make their mark on the night without really troubling the Puffs, despite Scott producing some real fireworks at times with his flashing forehand. Some 10-0s could easily have been 6-4s, this one however was rarely in doubt and keeps the pressure on the Saxons to keep tabs with the Puffs at the top of the table.

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