Match Report

The Seer has been consulted, ‘will Blades have a win in their battle against the Spitfires of Thurston’ & the runes have been cast! 

The Seer's answer is open to interpretation.......... ‘incorrect item in the bagging area’ ........ what can this mean for tonight’s match? 

Well to the match with the Seer’s wise words ringing in each of the Blades ears this resulted in a mixed performance with flu hit Andy Withers battling through to a hat-trick with the highlight being a great 5 set match with Andy Cullen taking it 12-10 in the 5th. 

In their battle against relegation the two Martins knew that every point is vital!
However, they decided to help out fellow relegation strugglers Vikings & Romans by playing well in parts but with too many ‘incorrect items in their bagging areas’ & unfortunately the Seer's prediction came true with Andy Cullen, Colin Baxter & Paul Evans proving too strong for them. 

The evening finished with an enjoyable doubles match with Cullen & Baxter beating Withers & O’Leary in 4 tight sets 11-5,12-10, 7-11, 12-10
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