Match Report

The match between club rivals Romans and Saxons was much closer than the final score of 2-8 would suggest, with many of the games being won by just 2 clear points.

The first match where Robin Played Mark was won by Mark 11-9, 11-9,11-9. Paul was able to even the match when he won against Dennis in 5. Saxons then won the next 3 matches, when Tom beat John in 3, all the game were close.

Paul lost to Mark 9-11, 14-16 and 18 -20, very close but Mark's class just edged the match. Robin then lost to Tom in 4. John was then able to pull one back for Romans when he beat Dennis in 5.

Saxons then won the next 3 and the doubles when Paul and John lost in 5 to Tom and Mark. Overall  a very enjoyable eveing with some very close matches.

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