Match Report

The Vikings went into this match on the crest of a slump. Whilst it wasn’t on the same scale as ‘The Great Slump’ of 2012 or when Slumpy McSlumpface from Slumpsville lost every single game at The Slump County Table Tennis Championships of 1984, it was still a slump.

Wins were hard to come by even after trying all those guaranteed rituals:
- Lucky pants, last washed in January (what year is anyone’s guess)
- Extra loose net (only resulted in opponents getting luckier)
- Extra tight net (see above)
- Turning up late (lost)
- Turning up early (lost)
- Session with sports psychologist (costly, and lost)

So on to the match. Let’s deal with Sean first. Three games, three wins, no sets lost. He basically turned up, battered us and then left. At one point he looked like he might break into a sweat but it was just a trick of the light. (I promise we will try harder next time Sean).

Andy Janes lost in four to both Trevor and Jeff before beating Alan in four, these were close matches and I think Andy has developed a more attacking style which looks like it will pay dividends.

Adam beat Jeff in four and Trevor in five. Adam’s game against Trevor was a joy to watch, forehand loop was being met with forehand loop, there were plenty of high risk / high skill rallies. Could have gone either way with Adam just edging it at the end.

Adam and Alan then went into battle and what a battle it was. Alan went ‘all in’ with an attack first, ask questions later strategy. This got him to the deciding set where he went attack crazy and won the day.

The doubles saw Sean and Adam beat Trevor and Alan in three.

So the slump goes on. However, all three Vikings won a game each, could this be the green shoots of a change in fortune? We are also looking forward to the return of Clive Grimwood next week following a spell on the sidelines with injury.

I have just looked on ebay and a big bag of ability is only £200, bargain. The advert states that when it arrives it will look like a big bag of air but it definitely works. The seller is Swedish I think (Uvebein Skammed) and we all know how good they are at TT !

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