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Home Player Away Player Games Score
1-11 11-2 12-10 11-3 1-0
11-6 8-11 11-9 11-8 1-0
11-1 11-8 10-12 7-11 12-10 1-0
11-8 11-3 5-11 11-6 1-0
11-6 8-11 11-8 11-6 1-0
11-6 11-4 9-11 11-13 11-4 1-0
12-10 10-12 4-11 5-11 0-1
11-3 11-7 11-9 1-0
11-8 11-7 11-9 1-0
11-6 11-9 3-11 11-1 1-0
Submitted By: David Unwin :: Approved By: David Unwin :: Completed By: David Unwin 9 - 1

Match Report

The scoreline of Saxons 9-1 win over Spitfires does not reflect how close many of the games actually were, with only two of the ten finishing in three sets.

Memorable moments from the evening, in no particular order, were:

Paul Evans showing that even largely defensive players can be dangerous attackers when armed with a fresh sheet or two of Tenergy. He demolished David Unwin 11-1 in the opening set of the evening with a mix of high spin chopping and flashing backhand drives. Guess the Saxons got used to the Tenergy after this as Paul only managed to take one more set in the match.

Colin Baxter, who registered Spitfires' only victory, over an otherwise flawless Tom Coleman, can consider himself the evening's unluckiest player. He was on the receiving end of an inordinate amount of net cords and edges, often going against him at crucial points, for example 10-10 in the fifth v Mark James. All credit to Colin for just "grinning and bearing it" (at least outwardly), but one got the impression it was just not his night.

The marathon opening rally in the second set of Colin v Mark which was well over a hundred shots long, and still going, when a stray ball from another table flew over causing a let. This set the tone for the encounter as Mark and Colin played to deuce in the fifth in a struggle that lasted over half an hour. As the scorer of this  nevertheless intriguing game, I thought I had succumbed to rigor mortis when it was over and I tried to stand up!

Mark Cracknell pulling himself back from 0-2 against Mark James, and showing occasional flashes of former glories with some cracking forehands, only to finally lose out in the decider.

The match spilled over onto two tables, finishing dead on 10pm to the relief of the home team (and the school caretaker), and hopefully was enjoyed by all, no blood (at least did not see any), plenty of sweat and hopefully no tears.

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