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Home Player Away Player Games Score
2-11 2-11 5-11 0-1
12-14 5-11 6-11 0-1
7-11 6-11 11-6 10-12 0-1
2-11 4-11 8-11 0-1
10-12 4-11 8-11 0-1
6-11 8-11 5-11 0-1
9-11 7-11 9-11 0-1
1-11 8-11 5-11 0-1
5-11 10-12 3-11 0-1
6-11 5-11 5-11 0-1
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Match Report

The current league Champions made the short trip across the hall at British Sugar for their first local derby match of the season against the newly promoted Blades.

Blades preparation had been hit with a ‘Racket Ball’ related injury to their new player Andy Withers who now is sidelined for a couple of weeks with a bad back. Captain O’Leary is to remind Withers of his responsibility to the team and is looking at the contract small print to see if a fine is appropriate.

It was left to last year's 3 of Kemp, Haines & O’Leary to take on the might of the Puffs. Unfortunately that was not a good decision with Bob Harman on sparkling form and ably backed up by Dom Melero and the season's outing for one of their new recruits, George Kizis, meant that the Puffs cruised to their second successive whitewash victory.

The closest matches of the night was Georges 4 set victory over O’Leary 11-7, 11-6, 6-11, 12-10 & his match against the normally immaculately mannered  Peter Kemp who was heard to utter the word ‘Twit’ or something like that as he lost the first set 10-12  from a seemingly winning position!

A final thought from the beaten Sugar Blades team who have picked up 6 points from their first 4 matches is ‘It can only get better ……can’t it?’ 

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