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Home Player Away Player Games Score
5-11 5-11 9-11 0-1
7-11 11-9 7-11 11-7 4-11 0-1
5-11 10-12 11-8 3-11 0-1
15-17 3-11 3-11 0-1
3-11 8-11 10-12 0-1
11-8 11-8 6-11 7-11 9-11 0-1
12-10 7-11 2-11 2-11 0-1
6-11 7-11 11-2 6-11 0-1
11-7 8-11 11-13 12-10 11-9 1-0
0-11 0-11 0-11 0-1
Submitted By: David Unwin :: Approved By: David Unwin :: Completed By: David Unwin 1 - 9

Match Report

Due to a number of reasons all three Vikings players managed to arrive late. Whilst leaving off work late was an acceptable excuse I am not so sure ‘my power nap lasted longer than I thought’ stands scrutiny.

So, forty minutes behind schedule we kicked off. Alan Brafield duly lost a quick three games to Paul Evans in a noble effort to claw back some much needed time. The speed this match finished had more than a little to do with Paul’s new rubber, very spinny, very accurate, very fast. Watch out, you have been warned.

Next up Trev Cottee took on Mark Cracknell. Trev had clearly ignored the team briefing about need for speed and fought out a five match thriller. Trev lost the decider in what was an entertaining battle.

Jeff Yaxley took on Colin Baxter in the third game. This was an interesting battle of attack v defence with both players trying both roles in no particular pattern. The better quality eventually told and Colin won in four.

Two quick three nils followed with Colin beating Trev and Paul beating Alan. Despite this extremely magnanimous effort by the Vikings to save time (losses down to no other reason, promise) it was clear we were going to struggle to finish.

As luck would have it another table became free, suddenly we were playing back to back games on two tables. This stroke of fortune saw four hard fought games with two of them going to five sets. The only Viking success of the night was Alan beating Mark in a tough five setter, they finished dead on 9.58pm, so no time for doubles.

The final result was a 9–1 win for Spitfires. As we packed away it didn’t feel like the thrashing it was, most of the games were close and there was plenty of high quality table tennis on show.

So on reflection it must have been the late start, I have now pencilled in a pre match team talk and kit inspection for future games, this will last no longer than 2 hours and should see us totally focused and ready come 7pm.

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